Bingo’s Appeal Growing To Younger Generations

One of the constant things I’ve tried to hammer home on this site is the game of Bingo is widely appealing beyond its stereotypical image and perceived target group. It’s heartening to see in The Herald’s article that to a degree, confirms my assertions.

There are a few striking things about the piece on the changing face of Bingo – firstly the figure that over half the people who play the game are aged below 45. That’s a staggering figure to me, and just shows how misguided the common stereotypes around the game are.

It’s also surprising to see the sort of players they feature in the article, who closely match the perceived online demographics of young, professional and female. There’s a PHD student, a doctor and hospitality student featured. I have always said that if you can get these types of people to the halls, they will love the game. In fact, many of them out there are hankering to get out to the halls. As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of people out there are dying to go out and try the game, but are so uncertain about what to do or expect, it stops them from doing so.

Whilst that article features mainly female players, it fair to point out that many blokes feel the same way as well. There are plenty of things that can be done to attract and educate these non-traditional audiences and as the change in perceptions is starting to happen now, there’s no better time to get the message out that Bingo is fun for everybody, irrespective of age, gender or social background.

It’s disappointing to see the article dredging up old Bingo Association press release info, and featuring the flawed research figures supplied by 888 Ladies, but overall, it’s good to see such a positive piece on the game. With the recent run of bad luck stories and Bingo Association grumbles, this sort of news should be seized upon by the industry. Not only the news, but the very spirit behind the news, that of attracting and entertaining a new generation of players. Press about smoking bans and tax problems don’t entice these new players and potential saviours, positive and encouraging articles and actions do.

But it’s not all good news, according to icWales, many players are forsaking the game online in favour of poker. One figure it gives is that 40% of online poker players are female, showing that there is an increasing appetite for the game amongst women. The article goes on to mention that experience and confidence in online bingo may be the stepping stone to online poker for many female players.

Maybe some smart programming type out there will find a way to meld the two games, it could be a winner. I’ve seen Game Village’s blend of slot machine and Bingo, and that works a treat. Could be an appealing game to the many youngsters if you can find a nice blend of the two games. Off topic a bit I realise, but if Bingo wants to survive and thrive, it’s just these sort of off-topic ideas they need to be encouraging and developing.

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