Bingo Halls In The News, Sales, Conversions And Innovations

Over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a number of stories I’ve seen featured about actual Bingo halls. Here’s a quick round up of the news and headlines about those halls. The newest story sees Carlton Bingo selling two of its Scottish clubs. The two clubs are the Station Road Carlton Bingo in Grangemouth, and the Tivoli Bingo Hall at Gorgie Road, Edinburgh. Interestingly, the Tivoli has been sold to the Destiny Church, no doubt with a mind to converting it to a place of worship.

This is the third Bingo hall to church conversion that I’ve spotted in the last couple of years. Back in 2006 the Battersea Gala Bingo was turned into a church. This week there was also a story about the recently closed Bournemouth Gala Bingo, which is also it seems destined to be a place of worship as well, with news that the building could potentially be used by the Bournemouth Community Church.

Elsewhere, in the Guardian there was an interesting piece on the launch of one of Mecca’s new Bingo hall at Margate. The size of the hall is massive, and personally for all the success these large clubs have, I’d sooner play in a smaller hall than this monster! There are a set of photos taken around the building here. It’s interesting to see the innovations at the club, especially the Party Bingo terminals outside the building.

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