Sun Bingo And A Valentine’s Day Proposal

I missed this one last week, but it’s a heart warming story of love and romance that happened on St Valentine’s Day. It’s an age old story, boy meets girl, both fall for each other, girl proposes on Valentine’s Day in a leap year (because that’s when girls can!) Boy says yes. The only difference with this story is, it happened in one of the Sun Bingo’s busy chat rooms!

It’s not the first online bingo chat room romance that I know of, I remember mentioning one here a couple of years back (but I’m too lazy to go search for it.) That said, as far as I know, it’s definitely the first marriage proposal I’ve heard of in a Bingo chat room, especially from a girl to a boy! Good luck to them both, and I hope somebody buys them his and hers laptops as wedding presents, so they can both sit in bed together playing Bingo!

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