Foxy Bingo To Float, And Sponsoring The Jeremy Kyle Show

I’ve been offline for a couple of days as it’s half term, so I’ve been catching up on stuff today. We seem to have been mentioning Foxy Bingo a lot recently, with their new advert and news of losing Jordan as their figurehead. Well, ever ones to keep themselves in the public eye, there’s big news that Foxy Bingo’s parent company Cashcade are expecting to float in the next year.

According to the Telegraph, Cashcade have received a number of approaches in recent months regarding a takeover. Alongside their biggest Bingo site Foxy Bingo, Cashcade also run the recently purchased Think Bingo, Bingo chain Top Ten’s online bingo offering and sites for a number of newspaper brands such as the Daily Mirror Bingo and the Scottish Sunday Mail. According to the article, Cashcade chairman Michael Buckley expects to something to happen in the next 12 months, and will be “dispappointed” if it happens for less than £100million for the company.

And in other news concerning Foxy Bingo, according to the Bingo Blog, they’ve joined a couple of other sites such as Gala Bingo and Party Bingo in sponsoring a TV programme. Foxy’s choice in partnerships speaks volumes of the type of audience they want to align themselves with – first of all Jordan, now, well, that morning cesspit of personal strife and voyeuristic stone turning otherwise known as The Jeremy Kyle show.

Now, between the yapping, puppy-dog like mock rage of Jeremy as he sorts out another pair of clueless dirty laundry washers you’ll be seeing Foxy pop-up to book end the ad breaks. I mean, come on Foxy Bingo marketing department, first of all you alienate 50% of your actual market, now you align yourself with a show of such utter crassness that it makes your eyes water. Dear me…

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