Illustrated UK Bingo History And Caller Interview Added To The Site

I’ve just added some new content to the site. The first piece is a history of UK Bingo from the perspective of the way halls were turned from cinemas to Bingo halls in the 60s and 70s. The piece was put together by Ian Grundy, a photographer I met via flickr. His passion for cinema and theatre architecture has taken him around the UK where he’s amassed a lot of photographs of Bingo halls as a result, due to the many conversions.

Ian has illustrated his history piece with some of his wonderful photographs. Some of the buildings he’s featured are really breathtaking in their design and architecture. It’s good to know that Ian has this body of work, as many of these great old style clubs are disappearing at an alarming rate. I’m hoping this will be the first of a number of pieces Ian can do for the site, showcasing his wonderful collection of images. You can read the An Illustrated UK Bingo History here.

I’ve also added another interview to the site as well, this time with the North West Bingo Caller Of They Year, Allen Musa. Allen works for the Preston Buckingham Bingo club and is one of the six finalists hoping to lift the prestigious NBGA Bingo Caller Of The Year title on the 25th Of November. You can read my interview with Allen Musa here.

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