And A Quick Bingo News Round Up

As I’ve been busy preparing for and attending the Online Bingo Summit, I’ve been a bit neglectful of the news, so here’s a quick round up of some other interesting Bingo news from the last week or so.

We’ll start with some big jackpot news. Mecca Bingo can claim the crown for creating the first land based Bingo millionaire. Their Mecca Millionaire game was expected to create a Bingo millionaire every 45 days or so. They only had to wait 21 days for the prize to go, and what a great PR bonus for Mecca, it went to one Margaret Shearer from Glasgow, who’d been made redundant only a week earlier. Maybe it’s no surprise the prize went north of the border, given Glasgow’s lucky streak.

And there’s been a flurry of online bingo big jackpot news as well. Jackpot Joy member Stephen J is celebrating a massive win of £99,342 in the site’s Bingo Gold room – a Bingo pay out record for Jackpot Joy – currently they are running a 75 ball game, but we’re expecting a 90 ball version from them very soon.

Ladbrokes Bingo have augmented their Bingo Escalator jackpot with £50,000 from their big £100,000 September give away. The prize fund is up to £81,000= which must be won. The escalator works by starting the jackpot call number on 33 then adding one to it everyday until it’s won. Unusually, any player in the winning game will get a bonus of £10 for being in the game but not winning the jackpot, that’s a nice twist on proceedings from Ladbrokes.

And not to be left out of the big jackpot fun, sites on the St Minver network such as Littlewoods and Castle Bingo have a new £50,000 giant jackpot, which is on until the end of the month and can be won by calling in under 37 numbers. I’m not sure what will happen if it’s not won by the end of the month – maybe it will rollover? Whatever happens, it certainly marks a nice period of big jackpot activity from the online market.

And we’ve more news from the NBGA Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007 competition, with two more regional heats having been won this last week. Congratulations first to Mark Lunn from Wednesbury’s Mecca Bingo club, who won the Midlands Regional heat on Tuesday at BJ’s Bingo Club, Birmingham. It’s also good to see a video report of the event at the icBirmingham site, and I look forward to more of this in the future. The south’s regional heat was won on Wednesday by Melanie Ceazar from Enfield’s Gala Bingo Club. The South heat was held at Point Bingo Club in, Bracknell. Mick and Melanie will both join last week’s winners in the grand final in November.

Ending on a bit of a down note, Gala Bingo are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons at the minute, following a dispute with Grandmother Beryl Faichuk. She’s claiming one of their Elvis Vegas fruit machines owe her £1,000. According the report, a staff member witnessed the win, but when it came time to payout, the machine gave her nothing. The Gambling Commission are investigating her claim – let’s hope that a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

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