Russell Grant Joins Jordan At Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo continue their rise to the top league of the online bingo world with their latest celebrity team up. As well as continuing their use of Katie Price (Jordan) as a face for their site, they’re now teaming up with popular British astrologer Russell Grant. They will be offering a new Keno like game that’s branded with Russell Grant as part of their games packages. The astrologer will also be making regular appearances on the site’s radio channel.

Cashcade, the company who own a Foxy Bingo along with several other well known online bingo brands are expecting some stiff competition these coming months. With more gaming companies able to advertise on the TV thanks to the 2005 Gambling Act, it’s expected many more online bingo sites will be hitting the small screens of the UK. As a result, it’s expanding its own brand’s marketing push beyond the campaigns already familiar to the UK’s TV audience.

According to the Marketing Week article Cashcade will quadruple it’s TV spending in 2008. This is a good indication of the continuing blooming of the marketplace, and the need for UK firms to differentiate themselves from the saturated market place with a strong brand. So far, Foxy Bingo are hitting the right notes on an increasingly regular basis. If they’d just take the leap away from the Globalcom powered software, they could really excel, at the moment it’s their weakest point.

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