Post Holiday Round-up

I’ve been off-line for over a week now thanks to the family holiday and with catching up duties. Rather than reel off a load of short story posts, I thought I’d do an all-in-one round-up of the stories that caught my eye the past 10 days or so.

First up, Neteller, one of the more popular online payment firms used by many of the UK’s sites has been in a lot of trouble recently as a result of both the American UIGEA and related charges of money laundering for its founders. Most recently, according to The Register, the company has essentially become a ‘supergrass‘ having reached an agreement with the American DOJ. This could see them giving a lot of details on online bingo operations to the American Government in return for a withdrawal of charges against the company. I can’t see it having much of an effect on the UK’s Bingo operations, but it’s worth keeping up with it if like me you use Neteller as a payment method.

In the online world, Bet Fred Bingo has become the latest in a long line of online bingo sites to enlist the aid of a celebrity Bingo caller and have enlisted the legendary commentator Stuart Hall as their calling voice. IMO these celebrity callers are all well and good, but anyone who heard Kerry Katona screeching through the numbers at Bingos back when she was their caller would agree it’s not always that great a thing!

With the first month of the smoking ban almost up, it seems the bad weather and rain clouds of recent weeks have had a silver lining. Neil Goulden, head over at Gala Bingo had reported to Reuters that the recent bad weather has helped to soften the impact of the ban with admissions helped by people going to Bingo to get out of the rain.

As well as the weather helping the ban, it seems our new Prime Minister may also be willing to talk about changing the unfair taxation that’s levied on Bingo. According to Reuters, Gordon Brown is “very happy to meet up to talk about it.” This could be a glimmer of hope for the industry, but let’s hope talk is followed by action – our beleaguered game could do with it.

And finally, icCheshire has an interesting report from the perspective of a pensioner smoker and the unjust feelings the ban has caused. Maureen Massey is concerned the smoking ban will have a detrimental effect on many pensioners’ health, given the stress and depression it’s causing.

Phew – lots of interesting stuff as ever. Stay tuned – I need to do some stuff around the site. We have a new section in the offing, and yes, I know I need to do some work on the homepage. I’ll get there soon!

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