Belfast Bingo Players Quitting Diary

The Belfast Telegraph run an interesting story on the manager and a couple of customers the Strand Bingo in Londonderry. Basically, they’ve decided that with the smoking ban they will give up the smoking and they’re keeping a diary of their experiences.

Good luck to them, but in my experiences of giving up the dreaded cigarettes, outside forces are generally not a good motivator for helping you quit. They should be quitting because they want to quit. That said, maybe a few of the chains out there could arrange some special jackpot prizes for the most successful giver-up. Better still, hand out copies of the excellent Easyway To Give Up Smoking by Allan Carr, it certainly did the trick for me after loads of wasted attempts with patches, diaries and all the stuff the NHS likes us to waste our money on.

One thought on “Belfast Bingo Players Quitting Diary

  1. I work at Strand Bingo where around three quarters of our patrons smoke. I know the smoking ban was a major concern for many of them and a great number had expressed interest in kicking the habit. We worked with the Western Health Board, to have a representative available for our patrons during the first week of the ban if they wished to approach them for information on quitting smoking. The feedback has been fantastic as many people would perhaps otherwise not have seeked advice and I?m glad to say that a number who have quit are doing very well.

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