Bingo Port – A Unique New Bingo Site

It’s not very often I write about new Bingo information sites here at Playing Bingo. There are a horde of sites about Bingo and online bingo out on the internet, but ones that merit anything other than a cursory glance are few and far between.

I spotted news last week of the launch of a new Bingo portal called Bingo Port. I took a look and was really pleased with what I saw. In this age where many Bingo sites seem to offer the same cookie-cutter content and articles as a support to plying the viewer with a barrage of affiliated Bingo adverts, it’s nice to see something that I’ve not seen before in the Bingo space. And like the best ideas, it’s so simple it’s a wonder no one thought of doing it before.

As well as the usual stuff you’d expect to see at a Bingo Portal, they run a unique table of the main UK online bingo sites giving a snapshot of the player and prize levels at those sites. If you’re the sort of player that likes to pick your game by the size of the prizes, or the amount of players – take a look at the ranking page and you can quickly see where would be a good place to head too. Better still, these stats are updated on a regular basis – which makes this a great tool for jackpot and prize hunters.

I was so taken aback by this, I instantly got in touch with the man behind the site, Scott Logan. He kindly agreed to do an interview about Bingo Port and the inspiration and issues behind making it. You can read the full interview with Scott Logan here. It’s good to see innovation in the field, and hopefully, there will be some more clever but elegantly simple Bingo tools appearing in the near future that merit similar attention.

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