The American Invasion

Bit of a day looking at some important Bingo news from across the pond – partially because it will impact on UK Bingo players and partially because they roused my attention enough to mention them. We’ll start with some fall-out from the farce in hypocrisy and moralization known as the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act.)

We’ve mentioned in the past the impact the introduction of the UIGEA on American online bingo suppliers, so given the fall-out, it’s no surprise that many of them have set their eyes on the UK market – given its continued growth and legitimacy. A few big brands were already in both markets giving each its own distinct version of the game. Now an increasing number of the American only brands are entering the UK market. – one of the biggest American Bingo sites has re-launched itself as a UK branded site. With close on 2 million registered players and one of the best domain names ever, the site is set to make it splash in coming months and try to regain the ground lost in the USA.

Alongside them, fellow heavyweight CyberBingo have launched a UK focused site, with what must be one of the most insane sign-up bonuses for new players ever seen in the UK market. More American sites are expected to hit the UK market as they realign their software and businesses to accommodate. Thankfully, they’re all starting to get that people this side like the 90 Ball version of the game – to my mind, that small fact could make or break US firms in this market.

As an aside, given all the clamp downs on the game in the States, you have to love ABC’s brand new game show set to air on May 18th. National Bingo Night (The NBGA will love that.) The trailer comes across looking like Bingo being played in the American Gladiators arena. People at home can play along by printing off their cards and claiming their win online (to be entered into a prize draw).

It looks fun, but many are complaining that the American TV companies are out of creative ideas. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s a hit or miss in The States. Of course, we’ve got GalaTV and television adverts for the game aplenty here. I think it can only be a matter of time before ITV brings National Bingo Night to the UK…

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