New Gala Bingo For Cheltenham

Bucking the recent trend of club closures and doom and gloom within the industry, Gala are set to open a brand new Bingo hall in the 23,000sq ft Brewery in Cheltenham, off St Margaret’s Road. There’ll be all the glamour and glitz that comes with a Bingo opening on the club’s first night on March 29th.

The club marks another step in the road to the modernisation of the game. As well as being another large Bingo venue, it will also feature state of the art equipment and electronic Bingo tickets. Let’s just hope they’re able to get some of that old-time Bingo atmosphere in there as well. As I’ve mentioned before, the atmosphere of the smaller clubs is a lot more difficult to reproduce in the larger clubs. All the same, it’s good to see Gala positive in the light of a lot of negative press.

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