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If you’ve ever read the about this site page, you’ll know I set it up in response to the lack of decent information and sites about Bingo when I tried finding Bingo information for work colleagues. As time’s gone on, I’ve added info I’ve not been able to find online and have lots planned to add the coming year.

One thing that continually vexes me is the amount of spam and bad info I get when I search for Bingo information online at places like Google. Well, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve created my very own Bingo themed search portal – Online Bingo Seek.

The site utilises Google’s custom search engine technology. This allows me to add sites directly to the search and only the sites I approve of will be searched. So far I’ve added about 15 sites whom I feel are highly relevant and have good standards in the coverage of Bingo. I will continue to add sites that I feel meet my high standards as time goes on. This means people looking for Bingo information can find it quicker and without the spam by using Online Bingo Seek.

The focus is not on actual gaming sites, but information sites – although some of the sites featured have their own reviews sections which can be searched with the engine. It’s very new, and I’m sure I’ll fiddle with it later, but if you want to give it a try you can either jump over to the site or use the search box below.

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