Smoking Ban Tax Breaks

The Sunday Times has a report about the Bingo industry’s campaign to get a large tax break to offset the damage likely to be caused by the smoking ban when it comes in this year. Shockingly, the industry is forecasting that as many as 200 clubs could close – a quarter of all the UK’s clubs.

The industry would also like to see the removal of VAT off Bingo takings – where they’re taxed twice unlike other forms of gambling. The clubs would also like to introduce Keno to the games people play in the intervals in an attempt to be able to supply some sort of external gaming for punters who go out for a puff.

As an aside, I’m wondering if the industry are exploring some sort of mobile phone gaming solution they could use to the same end? Mobile Bingo is still a very under-explored region. What’s more, I’m sure there’s no restrictions for people playing on mobile phones outside, unlike the restrictions against electronic gaming terminals. Seems like an area of income going begging at present. With a bit of jiggery pokery, clubs could possibly offer modified mobile phones to those want to go out and smoke. Just a thought on my part.

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