Press Release Following The Online Bingo Europe Conference

The inaugural Online Bingo Europe conference was held in London at the start of December. The CEOs of a number of top online bingo operators met up to discuss developments in online gaming and plans for the year ahead. Here’s a round up of what events provided by the conference organisers, Bullet Busincess

On December 7th 2006, many of the most prominent UK and European online bingo operators gathered in London for the inaugural Online Bingo Europe conference organised by gaming and gambling event organiser Bullet Business.

Phil Fraser, Founder of Which Bingo opened the event with a keynote presentation outlining the short history, current marketplace and future projections for the online game.

“The UK online bingo market has exploded in the last eighteen months and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Europe, particularly Spain and Scandanivia, seem to be following suit. 2007 will be a very interesting year for online bingo?, he said.

Following Phil Fraser’s presentation, the CEOs of, and were then involved in a panel session chaired by Scott White, CEO of Parlay. They debated in the impact of the UIGEA legislation in the USA and discussed what was needed to take online bingo to the next level in the European marketplace. Commenting on the current make up of the sector and current player patterns, Dylan Schlosberg of forecasted huge growth of the sector in the short term.

?There are 4000 people playing online bingo every night in the UK and we can see that moving to 30,000 in the near future. Like any business, the winners will be the operators who understand their customers best?, he noted.

Dominic Mansour, representing talked about the potential that the popularity of the land based game provided to the online market and referred to some impressive statistics:

Land based bingo represents around a third of worldwide wagering on all forms of gambling, whilst online bingo currently remains a negligible part of all online wagering. There is no doubt with a more liberal legal environment in the UK and eventually throughout Europe, that online bingo could have as large a share of the online gambling business as it does in the land based.

Other topics discussed at the conference included whether going down the network or the stand alone route was the best option for new entrants to the market and best ways to optimise the success of affiliate marketing. Speakers from companies such as World Bingo Network,, Parlay and St. Minver also presented on and discussed many other issues in the online bingo space over the course of the day including what other marketing channels should be added to the mix and the importance of developing a real community to a website?s success. Increasing customer acquisition and retention remained the main themes from the day and the single biggest challenge and opportunity for the industry as a whole.

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