The US Market Moves East

Following on from my earlier post about the pending Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, US operators are not only turning their attentions to the UK, but to the far east as well. UK based FC Group will be holding a conference on the 31st October to explore the burgeoning market and it’s potential issues. You can read more about the 2nd annual Mobile Gambling Summit Asia here.

I mention it as it interesting how they’re planning on dealing with credit card issues in the region. Many online gambling sites won’t allow credit card funding due to rampant fraud. However, the press release mentions methods of voucher payment as a means of funding betting accounts.

Now, it got me to thinking that maybe a similar scheme could potentially work in the states to allow Bingo fans to play online and also work here in the UK to get nervous players online. If places like Mecca and Gala were eager to get people playing the online games, a voucher scheme would be an ideal way of getting members to try the game online. I’ve spoken to a lot of older players who find the idea of playing online interesting. But, they are afraid to use their debit cards to fund the games as they think their accounts will be emptied out by thieves and viruses.

A voucher system could be the ideal way for them to try it out. They buy at their local clubs in cash, then go online to play. Any winnings could be redeemed back at the clubs with a security code or some tracking ID numbers. It could be a winning solution. It would probably still fall foul of the ban in the US, but maybe there’s something in there that can lead to a solution for a nation who’ll be missing their Bingo come the middle of 2007.

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