Friday Bingo Round-Up

A good few Bingo stories to note today. First up, news that the World Cup and a hot summer managed to dent up and coming Bingo chain Top Ten’s profits. As much as half a million according to Business weekly. Personally, I would have thought it would have gone up with all the talk of footaball widows around the time, but obviously not.

I’ve yet to try them, but The Sun’s online bingo arm has won an award for innovative way it has introduced players to the game. I’ll have to check them out – last time I had a look they’d just started and didn’t offer 90 ball bingo so I skipped them. Things have changed though – I’ll have to add them to the ever growing reviews section.

And speaking of reviews – I’ve added a review of the extremely girly Bingo site Bingo 4 Her. I think the Globalcom software it runs on is badly flawed. I will have to write a page to point to about it’s short comings when I review sites in the network, save writing the same rant over and over.

And finally, news from Bradford of the arrest and trial of an ex-police officer turned Bingo hall robber who posed as an undercover cop on an operation in order to rob two Bingo halls himself. It’s always good to see one of the thieves who target the Bingo world bought to book.

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