Bingo Community Site Launches

If you’ve been on the web for any length of time, you can’t have failed to come across MySpace. If you haven’t it’s a dumbed down web publishing platform that gives anyone the chance to make a web page, network it with friends and contacts and customise it to your hearts content.

Well, now there’s a Bingo version – that aims to do the same specifically for online bingo players.

I’ve been signed up for a few weeks, and to be honest they have a bit of work to do. Whilst it looks great, the site is lacking many of the features that make MySpace so popular. You’re unable to customise your pages to make them more personal, you can’t add links to external sites of interest to you and once you’ve signed in and set up your profile, there’s little to draw you back to the site.

Hopefully, over time they will address these issues as it could be a good service, especially if you could tie it in with your account on multiple online bingo sites. However, as this is an offshoot of Crown Bingo, I can’t see other sites buying into it. What I expect will happen will be that several similar sites will be set up by different clubs – which is a real shame as it could with a little work and thought be a far more powerful proposition.

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