Rebranding Bingo – But What About The Blokes?

Well, out in Bingo land, it looks like the penny is starting to drop. The message is, attract a new audience or go under come the smoking ban. We’ve mentioned the National game’s rebranding before on this blog, but there’s more detail here on the £2m rebrand.

Getting in on the game, there’s news that Mecca Bingo is going the same route, and putting money into dispelling the typical Bingo stereotypes. Once again this is part of that drive to get the new audiences playing the game. However, I’m not convinced that these fairly superficial attempts at changing will have much effect. Individual clubs themselves should be doing more at the local level – beginner’s Bingo nights, diversifying the offerings at the clubs and special promotions instantly spring to mind.

That’s why here at Playing Bingo, we’re happy to be involved in an online attempt to attract a new audience for Bingo that has hither too been largely ignored – MEN! We’ve helped create Bingo 4 Him – a tongue-in-cheek site that attempts to get men into Bingo without feeling ashamed. It’s about time the big companies started appealing to this group a bit more, rather than simply relying on and snazzing up the perception of Bingo and targeting the younger female half of the species to save the industry.

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