Scotland The Lucky

According to The National Bingo Game Association, Dundee is the luckiest place in the UK for big money National Game wins, and Scotland the number one place for National Bingo Game wins for a second year running. The break down of prizes to cities was calculated by looking at the number National Game wins over £10,000. Their UK wide top ten lucky places are as follows:

1. Dundee (9 wins = £368,217)
2. Swindon (7 wins = £636,667)
3. Southampton (7 wins = £332,514)
4. Ipswich (7 wins = £308,737)
5. Rotherham (7 wins = £307,226)
6. Glasgow (7 wins = £249,224)
7. Rochdale (7 wins = £207,702)
8. Oldbury (6 wins = £438,246)
9. Hamilton (6 wins = £403,949)
10. Newport (6 wins = 369,568)

There was good news for English cities as well – Swindon took the biggest overall total prize money slot and Blackpool can boast the biggest single prize at a whopping £502,500.

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