Early June Bingo Round-up

I’ve just returned from a well-earned break away from the web, so here’s a quick update on some of the stories that I missed in my absence. Firstly, I had a blast playing the free jackpots at Blackpool Bingo on June 2nd. I didn’t win any of the free £100 games – but I did come away with a few wins and finished up on my stake at the end of the night – a review of the site is to follow.

In other news, we’ve mentioned the smoking ban and it’s effect on clubs in Scotland before now. More reports on losses as members leave the halls in the intervals for a quick puff – we’ve already mentioned the solution – outdoor bandits and prize bingo stands, that would soon have them spending again!

And if you haven’t noticed, there’s a World Cup thing going on at the moment *snooze*, so here’s a couple of Bingo related stories. Firstly, it’s a US related story, but BingoHall.com has its own Bingo World Cup on the go. Secondly, some fed up wives who met in a Bingo chatroom have started their own website called World Cup Widows Club, as an escape from all the football flap going about at the moment – and to right too!

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