Scottish Smoking Ban Halts Carlton’s Expansion Plans

Interesting to see a news report about prominent Scottish chain Carlton holding off expansion plans until losses caused by the smoking ban are clear. It seems in contrast to Gala’s news in April that fears of losses were offset by increased admissions to their clubs. Whilst annual profits are up for Carlton – they fear it’s too early to access the damage done by the ban which kicked in during March.

Personally I’ll be glad when the ban kicks in down here as well. I know that loads of players smoke, but I think if they want to get a new breed of player in the halls, the fact you can breath will be an added attraction to many! Carlton should take note from my earlier post about Cyberslotz’s improving business and get themselves and online presence – they may win back some of the hardcore smokers who’ve decided to stay home and puff away whilst playing on the PC.

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