100,000 Pyramid

Type Of Game: 5 Reel Slot

Software: IGT

The 100,000 Pyramid slot is the big sister of the game called 50,000 Pyramid and as the name suggests, offers you the chance to win 100,000x your starting bet. Based on American quiz show this IGT / Wagerworks game offered up bonus features and wilds that all contribute to increasing your chances of being a winner on the game.

The 50,000 Pyramid who was the original American quiz show, but in 1981 the prize value doubled. The slot version of the game has a top prize of 100,000 coins and you’ll land this if you can spin in five of the 100,000 Pyramid wild symbols on an active payline.

Bonus Feature Of 100,000 Pyramid

To launch the bonus feature on the 100,000 Pyramid game you need to spin in three Winners Circle symbols on any of the five reels. Once the bonus game is activated you will start with two free spins and 1x multiplier.

You then have to navigate to the top of the pyramid in order to activate up to 36 free spins and a maximum of 9x multiplier by opening boxes. Boxes reveal free spins, multipliers and bonus picks and to advance you need to pick a box that reveals the advance symbol.

Once you have climbed the pyramid the free spins are then activated with the multiplier that you have won. A bonus cannot be reactivated whilst in free spin mode.

Although a classic slot game that has been around quite some time it hasn’t lost it’s playability against the more recent additions to bingo side games. Activating the bonus feature brings a sense of excitement to the game as you try and navigate to the top of the pyramid and maximise your free spins and multipliers. It’s a definite must if you’re a fan of the slot games!

100,000 Pyramid – Game In Play

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