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There’s one sad fact of life and that’s that everything ends at some point. The bingo world is not immune to this law of nature. In the retail world clubs come and go, so much so that we opened the Lost Halls as a reminder of past glories of the retail bingo world.

The online world isn’t immune from this either, and in the years that Playing Bingo has been open for business, a number of online sites and networks have gone the same way, as in that of the dodo.

Bingo sites close for a number of reasons, ranging from lack of players to moving to a new platform and domain name. Like in the retail world, it can be very upsetting to long term members who’ve played at the site for a long time, and will be leaving behind friends and staff they’ve come to love in their time there.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, chances are it’s because you’ve clicked and internal link to an external website that is no longer open for business. If that’s the case here’s what you can do:

Find A New Bingo Site

Don’t despair, you can use Playing Bingo to help you locate a new site to play at. If you know what network or software the old site was on, you could check out our Network and Software pages to find an alternative that will seem familiar to the sites that have closed.

Alternatively, if it’s time for pastures news, take a look at these pages to search for your new online bingo home:

Closed Networks

It’s relatively rare for a bingo network to close down, but it does happen. Listed below are some of the networks that have closed down during Playing Bingo’s watch.

  • Ascot Gaming Ventures Network
  • Bingoroom Network
  • Cyber Bingo Network – relaunched as the Vista Gaming Network
  • Playtech Funland Bingo Network

Closed Bingo Sites

It’s a lot less rare for bingo sites to close down. Given that at the time of writing there are about 300 sites online, it’s not surprising that some may struggle to bring the punters in. For memories sake, here’s some of the sites that have closed during Playing Bingo’s watch.

We have listed next to the closed sites a link to a page that shows other brands still available using the same software where possible. This should help you if your favourite brand has closed its virtual doors and you are looking for a similar gaming experience.

Bingo Site

Link to other brands using the same software

321 Bingo Virtue Fusion
3am Bingo 888/Globalcom
50 Shades of Bingo Beast Gaming
7 Bingo Cozy Games
88 Bingo Cozy Games
All Bingo Club Microgaming
All Stars Bingo Jumpman Gaming
Angel Bingo G2 Gtech
Ann Summers Bingo G2 Gtech
At The Bingo Virtue Fusion
Babingo G2 Gtech
Back 2 School Bingo Microgaming
Banana Bingo 888/Globalcom
Banjo Bingo 888/Globalcom
Beach Bingo Virtue Fusion
Benidorm Bingo Virtue Fusion
Betway Bingo Microgaming
Big 8 Gaming Virtue Fusion
Big Bingo TV Ascot Bingo Ventures
Big Box Bingo Standalone
Big Brother Bingo – rebranded as Bingo Loft Standalone
Bingo 101 Parlay Entertainment
Bingo 7 Jumpman Gaming
Bingo 770 Virtue Fusion
Bingo All Day 888/Globalcom
Bingo Bingo G2 Gtech
Bingo Bliss G2 Gtech
Bingo Boudoir 888/Globalcom
Bingo Bulldog Parlay Entertainment
Bingo Champ Game Point
Bingo Chest Virtue Fusion
Bingo Chicks Parlay Entertainment
Bingo Day Playtech (software no longer available)
Bingo Dreams Parlay Entertainment
Bingo Friends Virtue Fusion
Bingo Go Virtue Fusion
Bingo Godz Bede Gaming
Bingo Gringo 888/Globalcom
Bingo Hall 888/Globalcom
Bingo Hideaway Parlay Entertainment
Bingo Hombre Jumpman Gaming
Bingo Hour Beast Gaming
Bingo House 888/Globalcom
Bingo ID G2 Gtech
Bingo IE IP&S
Bingo Island 888/Globalcom
Bingo Loopy Bede Gaming
Bingo Mania Parlay Entertainment
Bingo Minions Jumpman Gaming
Bingo Northern Ireland Beast Gaming
Bingo Joy G2 Gtech
Bingo Nation Virtue Fusion
Bingo Nutty Gamesys
Bingo Playground Beast Gaming
Bingo Riot Cozy Games
Bingo Rooms Cozy Games
Bingo Scotland 888/Globalcom
Bingo Tag 888/Globalcom
Bingo Time 888/Globalcom
Bingo Today Virtue Fusion
Bingo Tonic Parlay Entertainment
Bingo VIP Club Cozy Games
Bingo Waves 888/Globalcom
Bingo Zest Software no longer available
Bingola 888/Globalcom
Bingolore Virtue Fusion
Bingon Parlay Entertainment
BingoRoo 888/Globalcom
Bingos Bede Gaming
BJ’s Bingo Virtue Fusion
Blackpool Bingo Playtech (Software no longer available)
Blackpool Club Bingo Playtech (Software no longer available)
Bloke Bingo Virtue Fusion
Blue Square Bingo (acquired by Betfair) Virtue Fusion
Bonanza Bingo Virtue Fusion
Brand New Bingo Jumpman Gaming
Braveheart Bingo Beast Gaming
Bugle Games Cozy Games
Bunny Bingo Virtue Fusion
Busy Bingo Cozy Games
Butlins Bingo G2 Gtech
Caesars Bingo Gamesys
Capitol Bingo Virtue Fusion
Cheggers Bingo G2 Gtech
Closer Bingo Virtue Fusion
Club 2000 Bingo G2 Gtech
Clucky Bingo Jumpman Gaming
Congo Bingo Cozy Games
Crazy Bingo Virtue Fusion
Daily Express Bingo G2 Gtech
Daily Mail Bingo – merged with Pink Ribbon Bingo G2 Gtech
Daily Record Bingo Virtue Fusion
Daily Star Bingo G2 Gtech
Easy Odds Bingo 888/Globalcom
El Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Euro Bingo Unknown
Eyes Down Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Eyes Down Sunderland Virtue Fusion
Fairys Bingo 888/Globalcom
Female Bingo 888/Globalcom
Film Bingo Jumpman Gaming
Five Bingo Party Gaming
Flutters Bingo – redirects to BOGOF Bingo Virtue Fusion
Foxy Zero 888/Globalcom
Fruit Bingo Virtue Fusion
Fun Bingo Cozy Games
Furry Bingo 888/Globalcom
Galaxy Bingo Cozy Games
Gardening Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Gazette Live Bingo 888/Globalcom
Gems Bingo Virtue Fusion
Genie Bingo 888/Globalcom
Glitterball Bingo Party Gaming
Gold Bingo 888/Globalcom
GPL Bingo 888/Globalcom
Grace’s Bingo 888/Globalcom
Gramble Bingo Cozy Games
Handbag Bingo 888/Globalcom
Health Bingo Bede Gaming
Heat World Bingo Virtue Fusion
iBingo Cozy Games
iBingo 24 Cozy Games
icBirmingham Bingo 888/Globalcom
icCoventry Bingo 888/Globalcom
icLiverpool Bingo 888/Globalcom
icNewcastle Bingo 888/Globalcom
icTeeside Bingo 888/Globalcom
icWales Bingo 888/Globalcom
Interbingo G2 Gtech
iVillage Bingo G2 Gtech
ITV Bingo 888/Globalcom
Jack Club Bingo 888/Globalcom
Jackpot Bingo 888/Globalcom
Jackpot Fiesta Cozy Games
Kings Bingo Ascot Business Ventures
Kiss My Bingo 888/Globalcom
KMB Original 888/Globalcom
Kiwi Bingo Playtech (Software no longer available)
KS (King Solomon’s) Bingo 888/Globalcom
Lady Lucks Probability
Leo Leisure – redirects to BOGOF Bingo Virtue Fusion
Last Minute Bingo G2 Gtech
Little Big Bingo 888/Globalcom
Littlewoods Bingo – now Vernons Bingo G2 Gtech
Lots Of Bingo (redirected to Bingo Friends) Virtue Fusion
Love 2 Bingo (redirected to Bingo Friends) Virtue Fusion
Love Bingo G2 Gtech
Luv 2 Bingo 888/Globalcom
M8ts Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Magic FM Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Mail Bingo – merged with Pink Ribbon Bingo G2 Gtech
Mainstage Bingo Beast Gaming
Mapau Bingo Playtech (software no longer available)
Maria Bingo Relax Gaming
Metro Bingo G2 Gtech
Mike’s Bingo Ascot Business Ventures
Minxy Bingo Virtue Fusion
Moobile Games Probability
Mother and Baby Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Moyo Bingo G2 Gtech
Neighbourhood Bingo (redirected to Bingo Friends) Virtue Fusion
New Mag Bingo Software no longer available
New Woman Blingo Parlay Entertainment
News of the World Bingo Gamesys
Nudge Nudge Bingo Beast Gaming
Offer X Bingo 888/Globalcom
OK! Bingo G2 Gtech
OK Mag Bingo – re-opened in 2013 as OK! Bingo G2 Gtech
OLBG Bingo 888/Globalcom
One2Go Bingo Virtue Fusion
Online Bingo Chief 888/Globalcom
Paint The Town Bingo 888/Globalcom
Paparazzi Bingo G2 Gtech
Park Resorts Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Party Bingo Proprietary
Peachy Bingo 888/Globalcom
Pink Bingo 888/Globalcom
Pink Ladies Bingo 888/Globalcom
Plus Bingo 888/Globalcom
Pogo Bingo G2 Gtech
Point Bingo – redirects to BOGOF Bingo Virtue Fusion
Poker Mambo Bingo Play ‘n’ Go
Postcode Bingo 888/Globalcom
Purely Bingo Play ‘n’ Go
Puzzler Bingo 888/Globalcom
Quicksilver Bingo – now Dr Vegas, bingo dropped Virtue Fusion
Raw Bingo Cozy Games
Riva Bingo – redirects to Bingo Hour Ascot Bingo Ventures
Rogers Bingo Proprietary
Rollover Bingo 888/Globalcom
Royal Games Bingo – now Bingo Zino G2 Gtech
Ruby Bingo Virtue Fusion
Sabai Bingo Cozy Games
Scot Bingo (redirected to Bingo Friends) Virtue Fusion
Sea Bingo Virtue Fusion
Shipley’s Bingo – redirects to BJ’s Bingo G2 Gtech
Simply Bingo Virtue Fusion
Snap Bingo 888/Globalcom
Spin And Win Bingo – players redirected to Kitty Bingo Standalone
Spin Genie Bingo Standalone
Spin Win Bingo 888/Globalcom
Star Games Bingo Standalone
Star Mag Bingo Software no longer available
Starlight Bingo Cozy Games
stv Bingo Bede Gaming
Sunday Life Bingo 888/Globalcom
Sunday Mirror Bingo 888/Globalcom
Teletext Games G2 Gtech
Telly Talk Bingo 888/Globalcom
The Prize Finder Bingo Cozy Games
Think Bingo Cosy – renamed Little Big Bingo 888/Globalcom
TimeOut Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Titanbet Bingo Virtue Fusion
Top Sante Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Totally Jewish Bingo 888/Globalcom
Totesport Bingo Virtue Fusion
Touch My Bingo Probability
Tryst Bingo 888/Globalcom
UK Bingo Room Parlay Entertainment
Up Your Bingo 888/Globalcom
Wag Vegas Bingo 888/Globalcom
We Luv Bingo 888/Globalcom
Win Bonanza Parlay Entertainment
Wonder Bingo Parlay Entertainment
Woolworths Bingo G2 Gtech
XBingo – rebranded as BGO Bingo Standalone
Yahoo Games G2 Gtech
Yours Bingo Parlay Entertainment

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