Interview With Stephen Hare – Bingo Manager @ Love Bingo

Love Bingo are one of the newer sites coming to the online bingo marketplace, on the St Minver network. I caught up with Stephen Hare, the Bingo Manager at Love Bingo, to ask him some questions about his site, the network they are on and their plans for the future.

Playing Bingo: Tell us a bit about Love Bingo and what’s your role with the site?

Stephen Hare: Love Bingo is a fresh and dynamic new online bingo games site that was launched in May 2008. is designed for people who truly love to play bingo and all our staff share the same passion for the games as the players. Love Bingo is part of the St Minver White Label Gaming Network, and uses Parlay Software for the Online Bingo and Games. Love Bingo aims to be the Heart of Online Bingo in more ways than one, we aim to deliver the best possible online bingo experience with unique and meaningful player focused promotions combined with a wide variety of new and classic bingo and games.

My role, as Bingo Manager, is to ensure that all Love Bingo players have the best possible online bingo experience when they play at this also involves creating and monitoring the new promotions and to ensure that all aspects of the site run smoothly and securely.

Playing Bingo: How much work does it involve bringing a new online bingo site to life and how long were you working on Love Bingo before it launched?

Stephen Hare: From day one – Love Bingo was all about doing something fun and different. Love Bingo is not about generic content, boring promotions or outdated graphics, instead we decided to make Love Bingo a modern, user friendly and most of all honest online games site with aspects of social networking, the latest online technology to accommodate the most up to date player needs. It obviously took quite some time to create a unique one of a kind website that can quickly respond and adapt to ever changing player needs and wants.

A lot of hard work was required and still is needed to produce a site of Love Bingo’s quality, however if success was easy, then everyone would be successful.

Playing Bingo: Why did you choose to launch on a network rather than going it alone?

Stephen Hare: The advantages of being part of an existing and successful network with St Minver is that players can take part in bingo games with much larger jackpots and enjoy a much wider variety of games and online entertainment than would be possible with a stand-alone site. In addition, being part of a network allows Love Bingo to provide 24 hour support via phone or email 7 days a week, which again would be very difficult on a newly launched stand alone website. Overall, we decided to join a network, because we felt that it would ultimately benefit the players more than our own individual aspirations for

Playing Bingo: What is the best thing about working on a network?

Stephen Hare: One of the best things about being on a bingo network means that we can provide some great sign up and welcome promotions to new players. At Love Bingo we offer 100% Cash Match on all first deposits up to £125 and 50% Cash Match up to £65 on your second deposit. On top of this, we also give you £1 free when you sign up to try out the site before making a deposit. Being part of a network allows Love Bingo to be very generous in giving out welcome bonuses to new players, and allows us to frequently keep you updated with the newsletter.

Playing Bingo: What are you doing at Love Bingo to differentiate your site from the other online bingo sites out there?

Stephen Hare: This is where Love Bingo excels. Differentiation is the gospel which we at Love Bingo follow, and we aim to infuse new and exciting online bingo games, competitions, promotions, winner’s news and more into as many aspects of the site as we can. After listening to player’s feedback, we understood that they did not want another generic site, with the same generic offers just under a different colour scheme. They wanted new and different competitions that they could win for free (like the Love Bingo Luxury Jewellery Prize Draw). Players also commented that they want to be rewarded with more valuable prizes than just extra bingo bonuses for loyalty and deposits, so we have (with the sets of shopping vouchers for our top depositing players).

As is the theme at – we like to make a song and dance about our promotions, and we believe that they really are some of the best and fairest promotions out of all the bingo sites on the internet. We could have easily just give away one prize, or three prizes this summer, but we really want to give back to players and give players a better chance of winning a great prizes, that’s why we currently have NINE fantastic prizes to win during July and August at Love Bingo.

Playing Bingo: What plans do you have for the future of Love Bingo?

Stephen Hare: Love Bingo will continue its commitment to honest, genuine, great promotions and prizes and we hope to customise further aspects of the site to make them even more user friendly and even more fun for our players to enjoy.

I do not want to reveal too much more at this stage, but trust me, we have some exciting plans in place for Love Bingo – so just watch this space bingo players!

Playing Bingo: If you could offer one special prize on Love Bingo, what would it be?

Stephen Hare: I think one day in the near future I would love to be able to offer a Romantic Around the World Cruise for a couple who play or maybe even met together on Love Bingo. I believe the ultimate prize in this world is love, so if Love Bingo can help our players achieve or realise that further in any way then I feel we are doing our part in life.

Playing Bingo: Have you ever played bingo at your local club?

Stephen Hare: I have enjoyed many a game in my local bingo club and still have friends who go every week and I do feel that despite the huge attraction of online bingo, bingo halls still have a place in society for those who desire the personal interaction side of bingo. For players who would prefer the convenience of playing from home, online bingo sites such as Love Bingo will always welcome those making the transition, if they would like a change or something different instead of their local bingo hall.

Playing Bingo: Why do you think online bingo is such a hit?

Stephen Hare: I think there are several reasons why online bingo is such as hit – firstly, it is much more convenient for players to play on their favourite bingo site (such as Love Bingo) from home, rather than to have to travel sometimes considerable distances to local bingo halls, especially with the British weather.

In addition, there has been an increased confidence in forms of online purchasing, and many sites including Love Bingo now have highly safe and secure forms of online payment processing and data protection – so that we will always look after your sensitive information.

Finally, online bingo has revolutionised the communication and social aspect of bingo, players can now happily chat and enjoy the online bingo games at the same time, instead of the sometimes sombre silence required during bingo halls games. At Love Bingo we have some of the best in-game chat features and many ways to customise what you say and how you can say it!

Playing Bingo: With a number of sites looking at TV and Europe as the next big areas for expansion, does Love Bingo have any plans in those areas?

Stephen Hare: Although Love Bingo does not have any TV advertising at the moment, we are in development of various advertisements that we hope to air later this year. On top of this Love Bingo already has the facility to welcome players from almost all European, African, Asian and Western countries to play at So no matter where in the world you are, you are always welcome at Love Bingo – The Heart of Online Bingo Games.

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