Michael Hess: Flutters Bingo, Rushden

Flutters Bingo in Rushden almost never came to be as there were plans to demolish the old cinema in 1973, but luckily it never went ahead. As you can see the original interior design of the Ritz Cinema remains practically intact, with no serious structural change to the building either. The stage has obviously been altered, lighting is usually the first thing to change when a cinema is converted, but overall the building appears to retain its original feel. The playing hasn’t changed much either, strips are still in use, not palm devices, and the last shot is a nice close-up of being in the ‘bingo zone’.

Flutters bingo hall

Flutters bingo club

Bingo player

Bingo player dabbing card

Photographs copyright Michael Hess April 2013. They cannot be reproduced without the permission of PlayingBingo.co.uk.

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