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Welcome to our Mobile Bingo section, where we feature information on the new and fast growing world of the game on mobile devices. The past few years have seen a major sea change in the way people access the internet. More and more of us are doing away with clunky desktop and laptop computers in favour of small, mobile devices which pack the power to do as much as we did on our big computers.

Innovations continue apace, the iPhone, the iPad, the Android phone, the Android tablet; the list goes on, and as people flock to these devices, so do bingo providers. At the moment (mid 2012) the market place for mobile bingo is still quite small compared to the bigger version of the game, but that's set to change as more operators turn on the new platforms to supply the game.

As our newest section on the site, we're expecting things to grow around here in time. If it's to do with mobile then you can find it here. There is some crossover with the online world, and where we've already covered it in the Online Bingo section, we'll not duplicate it here. It's worth saying that areas like licensing and complaints also apply to the mobile version of the game, so check them out if you have issues related to these sorts of issues.

Listed below are the areas we're covering here in the mobile section. If there's stuff you think we're missing or should be covering, then you're welcome to drop us a line.

In The Mobile Bingo Section

  • Platforms - We give you a brief overview of the various mobile platforms available, and look at their popularity for bingo providers. Not all platforms are created equal, and you may find that owning one sort of phone gives you more options than owning another sort.
  • Reviews - Our reviews section takes a look at the services, sites and games available. We use our usual stringent reviewing techniques, play testing each site to see if it's worthy of your time and more importantly, your money.
  • Software - As mobile gaming increases in popularity and the technology improves year on year, more and more operators launch a mobile product. This increases the need for software that has the best playability for the end user and here we look at what is available on the market currently.

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