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  • Exterior of the Northampton Beacon Bingo - Weedon Street

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Beacon Bingo
Weedon Road

Telephone Number: 01604 589790

Northampton’s Beacon Bingo is an air conditioned purpose built bingo club with seating for 2,000 players, and has a purpose built smoking balcony. There are two restaurants, and two bars, as well of plenty of fruit machines for those ‘lost moments’.

Can you help us fill in further details about the Northampton Beacon Bingo? We’d like to know when the club opened, and if it was owned by another bingo chain before its current owners took over? If you can answer these questions then please contact us. We would love to hear from you if you can help us with these and any other details and interesting facts about this club.

Opening Times:

The club opening hours are as follows. Please note these were correct at the time of publication, but are liable to change so please check with the club before you leave:

  • Monday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Tuesday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Wednesday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Thursday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Friday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00am
  • Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00am

Main Session Times

Listed below are the club’s main session times but are liable to change – confirm with the club first.

Morning Main Afternoon Main Evening Main
Mon N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Tues N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Wed N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Thu N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Fri N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Sat N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm
Sun N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm

13 thoughts on “Northampton Beacon Bingo – Weedon Road

  1. My husband and I live in Warwickshire, and prefer to drive the extra miles to get to a decent bingo club. We have been members for a good few years. We think the club is worth the extra miles. We do have Gala clubs nearer but, they are dirty and dismal. We won’t stop coming it is GREAT!

  2. This club is brilliant! I have been attending ever since it first opened. I just wish they had a web site telling you what’s on and when.

  3. Staff always friendly and helpful. Much better since no-smoking introduced. Good food served at very reasonable prices.

  4. We like the banter we have with the staff, however as much as we like the club and have good nights there, we dont like it when we arrive to find the house prizes have changed due to warm weather. All weekend prices should remain the same. If prices are dropped, why is the book price not dropped too? Bring back Tuesday nights! Ten pound all in, £1000 second half houses. It’s a good incentive to bring back your regular customers, try it for a month. It was very popular.

  5. Have been a member from the start. Unfortunately since manager Julian left there has been a steady decline.The new manager (if he exists) never shows himself to the paying customers. Saturday night cabaret has all but been abandoned except for the very tacky ladies night with male strippers. This attracts non regulars that drink a lot and their noise continually interupts the Bingo sessions. Food is of average quality and over-priced. Seats are thread bare and far from clean. On a positive note, the Sunday Carvery is well cooked and good value.If only this could be the norm for the rest of the week.

  6. Me and my work colleague and her boyfriend went on the 20/12/08. Their entertainment was male stripers? Why can’t they have a group or something and not that, ok.

  7. I have been coming to Beacon Bingo for years, but have seen numbers decline since the smoking ban. I think the club has made a massive effort to attend to peoples needs, eg. pleasent smoking area for those that can’t go without a ciggie, very nice free gifts. If people aren’t going to support the Beacon then obviously the prize money is going to go down! And where else can you get a free 3 course lunch?

    They have tried to keep up standards with numbers declining and are doing a very good job. The only thing I don’t like is those PHDs which I think give people an unfair advantage when others are playing books. They would send me to sleep if all I had to do was poke the screen with a pen. All in all I love the Beacon and long may it reign.

  8. I agree about PHDs being a pain. Last time I went 3 people on next table were using one and taking it in turns. They were so noisy, with no consideration for other people. I have just returned after a 3 year break from bingo, now I am reminded why I stopped going. I think PHDs should be used only in B2 room, and let us ludites enjoy the games in peace.

  9. I just want to say that I am relatively new to bingo, and I am very impressed with the club that I go to on a weekly basis, but I must agree with other comments that have been posted about PHD’s. Like other people I have noticed in the last few months that it is always the same old faces using PHD’s that are claiming the prizes. Very rarely do you hear of a book number being called. Bring back the good old fashioned way of marking them off on your ticket. I have tried a PHD and found it to be very boring.

  10. Bingo is a game of chance, basically a night out, if you win it’s a bonus. I have played PHD and never won on them but I hardly win on books either. Oh well, I hope 2011 will be luckier for me. Fab club!

  11. As a member of the Beacon I have been attending bingo nights with my daughter Lisa. Not having a lot of money to spare, we thought we would enjoy playing bingo. At first it was ok but then we realised it was only those with money to use the PHDs that were winning more often. This is what is driving us away, it’s a shame as we both love bingo. I am led to believe there are lots more people feeling this way. Surely going back to the good old books would fill the bingo hall.

  12. Very nice and friendly staff and they make you very welcome. I want to find a Beacon Bingo Hall in Bristol but not sure if there is one here in Bristol.

  13. Went there for a promotion Saturday night bingo was good but the amenities were not very good they have 2 bars one shut at 9 o clock. Also there are 2 restaurants again only 1 open (I had to wait 15 minutes to get served then they had ran out of food) if they want the people in they will have to open all up.

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