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  • Exterior of the Liverpool Pavilion Bingo - Lodge Lane

Address and Contact Details:

Independent Club
Pavilion Bingo
Lodge Lane
L8 0QH

Telephone Number: 0151 708 7447

The club re-opened following a lengthy refurbishment, following the fire which swept through the ‘Pivvy’ as a result of arson that ran in tandem with a serious burglary of the premises in 2011. Several thousand pounds were taken from fruit machines during the raid, and as a result of the damage caused the club was closed.

The Pivvy originally opened in 1908, and was refurbished in 1933. The stage was equipped for variety and other live performances, although a fire in 1986 destroyed many of the original features. In 1961, with the demise of cinema came the rise of bingo, and so the club was converted. Throughout its history the Pavillion has seen various forms of entertainmnet, including music, and wrestling. We are not sure who first operated bingo in the club, but we know that prior to the current owners, Mecca Bingo were at some point running the club.

Opening Times:

The club opening hours are as follows. Please note these were correct at the time of publication, but are liable to change so please check with the club before you leave:

  • Monday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Tuesday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Wednesday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Thursday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Friday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Saturday: 11.45am – 10.30pm
  • Sunday: 11.45am – 10.30pm

Main Session Times

Listed below are the club’s main session times but are liable to change – confirm with the club first.

Morning Main Afternoon Main Evening Main
Mon N/A 1.30pm 7.45pm
Tues N/A 1.30pm 7.45pm
Wed N/A 1.30pm 7.45pm
Thu N/A 1.30pm 7.45pm
Fri 10.00am 1.30pm 7.45pm
Sat 10.00am 1.30pm 7.45pm
Sun N/A 1.30pm 7.45pm

We were unable to find an embeddable news feed for the Liverpool Pavilion Bingo. If you’re from the club, feel free to contact us if you have news we can share here in the news tab. You can also take a look at the Liverpool Pavilion Bingo’s Facebook Page for their updates.

7 thoughts on “Liverpool Pavilion Bingo – Lodge Lane

  1. The Pivvy is a good bingo, prize money is decent, considering it is not a massive chain bingo. I like the atmosphere. Improvements would be to upgrade the computer boards and to display session details and prize money on website.

  2. Brown, brown! I haven’t played bingo here for a few years an was looking for start times to go again. I never won big but I’ve missed the atmosphere of the club and community since moving out of the area.

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