New Game About To Launch At Tombola

Tombola offers some fantastic one-off games on their standalone platform making it easily the most unique bingo site on the Internet. And pretty soon players will have another new and unique game to play at the site, as Pulse is about to launch.

Despite our best investigative journalism we haven’t found out any details of the new game, but they are featuring a teaser at the Tombola Bingo website! We even trawled the Facebook page, but apart from many mentions of Pulse ‘coming soon’, there was nothing to indicate just how soon that will be, or what the game is about!

The graphics they’re using on the website show a heart monitor type pulse line, but that doesn’t really give much away, and rack our brains as we have, we can’t even make any guesses as to what the aim of the new game will be.

Tombola already host some fantastic games at their online bingo site, as well as oodles of bingo. So while bingo is definitely the name of the game with Bingo 90, Bingo 80, Bingo 60, Bingo 50 and Bingo Lite you can also play some fantastic multi-player games such as Bingo Roulette, Hamster Races, Battleships and the Heist. The site is virtually teaming with unique, easy to play, graphic rich games and that only looks set to continue with this brand new game launching soon.

We’ll be dipping into Tombola regularly now to find out more details of the game and announce the launch, once we’ve given the game a try we’ll come back and give you all the details. If you love all the unique games at the site, chances are you’ll love this too.

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