Tombola Launch Brand New Bingo App

Tombola Bingo’s launch to mobile was a little quiet and it happened quite a while ago. When we first heard about the app we wondered why they hadn’t shouted it from the rooftops, but when we logged on we could see why. The original app only offered Bingo Lite and Bingo 90, and it was quite basic. There were none of the games that make the site the unique force it is, and so while it was great to play bingo on the go, you did miss out on many of the fun and original games.

With much fanfare this time, Tombola Mobile has now launched the second version of the app and it’s brilliant, including many of the favourite games players can enjoy online and promising to take the mobile bingo market by storm!

If you’re not a fan of online bingo and have only started playing since the games were smartphone compatible then you may not know just how fantastic Tombola Bingo is. With so many unique games, not seen at any other bingo site, Tombola is a one off, in a very generic market and bringing that to their app is likely to make it one of the most popular around.

Not all of the games will be available, but we can hope more will be added later. Upon launch though, you can enjoy games such as Bingo Lite and Bingo 90 as before, but now you can also play great games such as The Heist, Bingo Roulette, and Cinco too!

The app is available right now for both Android and iOS so if you haven’t yet tried Tombola Bingo app, or you tried it before and were disappointed with the lack of games, it’s time to give it another go as it’s much improved!

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