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ASA Rule Against Sky Bingo

Monday, Aug. 7th 2017 4:51 AM

Sky Bingo have been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this week over an editorial that featured on The controversy was caused after a feature appeared with the headline “Exclusive Report: Aberdeen City McDonald’s Employee wins £296,121 on her lunch break” in capital letters followed by smaller print stating “Published on 24-01-2017 By Christine Perry, Daily News UK”.

The advertorial went on to explain that a lady called Amelia Smith turned up for work at McDonalds, just like she does every other day, without realising what would happen on her break would change her life forever. It went on to detail the hardships she had faced before winning the Sky Bingo jackpot worth nearly £300,000 whilst eating her lunch.

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Sky Bingo Time Limited Bonus Change

Thursday, Jul. 6th 2017 7:40 AM

When it comes to welcome bonuses, we often see brands make changes in an effort to attract new players. Sky Bingo is one site that certainly likes to try and keep up with its competitors in that area. A recent change to the structure of the newbie offer now sees new and existing players able to grab a £10 no deposit required bonus.

However, whilst this looks good on paper, actually it’s not all that it is cracked up to be. Yes, Sky Bingo are giving you £10 free but over a 10 day period. You have to login every day to be able to claim a £1 daily bonus from the site, it’s not all credited to your account at once. You have to enter the code 10FREE to receive this bonus.

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The Final Round At Sky Bingo

Saturday, Jun. 17th 2017 7:13 AM

Sky Bingo appear to have gone Tipping Point mad but when you consider it wasn’t that long ago that they launched a new bingo room based on the popular ITV game show, it’s easy to see why. Whether you love the show, hate it, or have never even heard of it, taking part in the latest promotion is worthwhile because there are some great prizes on offer.

Sky Bingo kicked off their Final Round special on 3rd June and whilst we may be half way through, there is still plenty of time to get involved and get your hands on one of the fabulous prizes that are being given away each and every week. The promotion ends on 28th June which means you have two more Final Rounds to get in on the action with.

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£20 New Player Bonus From Sky Bingo

Saturday, Dec. 24th 2016 7:46 AM

At this time of year we don’t usually see brands change their welcome offer or new player deal but Sky Bingo are clearly keen to get some new players through their virtual doors this festive season. As bingo players, this time of year we’re often away from the game for a few days and watching the budget having overspent on presents. For this reason, a big no deposit required bonus from a major brand is definitely going to hold appeal.

As well as being quite a high no deposit required bonus, £20 is certainly not the norm, it’s a free play bonus the incorporates both bingo and instant win games. This gives the current Sky Bingo offer even more appeal to the avid online player.

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Mystical Bingo Exclusive to Sky

Saturday, Nov. 19th 2016 7:45 AM

It was only a short while ago that we reported on the introduction of an exclusive themed game to Gala Bingo. Today we have news of an addition to Sky Bingo, also an exclusive themed game! Mystical Bingo transports you to a forest full of fairies and offers a progressive jackpot.

When checking out the new game at Sky Bingo, we have to say, it doesn’t have the playability of The Chase at Gala Bingo. In fact, if we were to be brutally honest, it’s a bit dull. It’s like a hybrid of Pulse from Tombola and the Pixie of the Forest slot game but isn’t quite as interesting.

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£1.3 Million Jackpot For Sky Bingo Player

Saturday, Jul. 2nd 2016 7:57 AM

As a bingo player, how many times have you logged into your favourite site when you’re suffering from a touch of insomnia? For one lucky player, an early hours of morning spin on one of the many slots at Sky Bingo proved to be quite lucrative. This lucky lady landed herself a progressive jackpot of just over £1.3 million!

Chrissie Johnson awoke from her slumber just after midnight not feeling very well. Unable to fall back to sleep and not wishing to disturb her sleeping husband, she tiptoed down to the lounge, fired up her laptop and logged into Sky Bingo.

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Sky Bingo Offer Players £10 Free Play

Saturday, May. 21st 2016 7:02 AM

In August 2017 we’re likely to see some interesting changes to how the bonuses for new players, and even the reload deals, are given because it’s then that the new tax on free bets is to be levied against all bingo operators. However, for now bingo brands keep on giving and a bonus that we completely missed was the introduction of a £10 free play offer at Sky Bingo!

With so many brands available to choose from online today, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep on top of the current offers without spending 24 hours a day visiting each and every brand. However, we thought Sky Bingo would be shouting their £10 free play offer from the proverbial rooftops! We had not heard of the deal until very recently and it has been around since 1st May.

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Sky Bingo Freebies

Monday, Mar. 28th 2016 7:25 AM

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of March already? We don’t know about you, but we are counting down the days until we get paid again, especially after all of the added expense of Easter. It’s at times like these that you usually have to limit how much you spend on your favourite games, but if you are really clever you will make your way over to Sky Bingo, as their pages are packed full of freebies for you to enjoy.

You will, of course, need to have an account at Sky Bingo to join in the fun. If you have not yet registered, that’s ok as signing up only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have an account and have spent your first fiver, Sky Bingo will not only reward you with a £25 bingo bonus but also £10 free to spend on the fun packed Rainbow Riches.

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