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Getaway With Ladbrokes Bingo

Thursday, Jan. 4th 2018 7:02 AM

Are you feeling the post-Christmas blues? We spend ages preparing for the big day and before we know it, it’s over and done with. For many it’s this time of year that sees us turn our attention to a little break. Whether we start planning our summer holidays, or just take a few days away- it’s something to look forward to. Ladbrokes Bingo may be able to help if you are thinking of getting away because their current promotion offers up holiday vouchers as the prize.

Better still, it’s not just one £500 holiday voucher that can be won at Ladbrokes Bingo, there are six that are going to be given away. Will you be one of the lucky players drawn at random?

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£1 Million Slots Prize Draw At Ladbrokes Bingo

Monday, Nov. 14th 2016 4:10 AM

Someone wise once said that a change is as good as a holiday. This is true when it comes to online gaming too, and every now and then it’s good to put down the virtual dauber and look at what else is on offer. If you fancy trying your hands on the slots, then now would be an idea time to make your way over to Ladbrokes Bingo, as they are in the middle of a massive prize draw.

This fantastic promotion from Ladbrokes Bingo has been running since the start of the month, so unfortunately you have missed out on the first four prize draws. Don’t worry too much though, as there is still four more to go and thousands of pounds just waiting to be won. The great news is that as the month progresses, the value of the prize pot keeps on increasing!

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Explosive Firework Night At Ladbrokes Bingo

Saturday, Nov. 5th 2016 7:18 AM

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason. Why gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot!’ Well this 5th of November will certainly not be forgotten by the lucky winners at Ladbrokes Bingo as everyone is playing for a share of a £60,000 prize pool!

The £60K Firework Hour takes place in the Living Room at Ladbrokes Bingo on Bonfire Night. The main event, the bonfire itself or the impressive firework display, happens at 10.30pm where the lion’s share of the £60,000 prize pool will be won. This game boasts £50,000 in prize money on its own!

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On The House Rewards From Ladbrokes Bingo

Monday, Oct. 31st 2016 5:39 AM

From the moment you register for an account at Ladbrokes Bingo, you will start reaping the rewards. Not only do they welcome you with impressive deposit bonuses, but you also become part of their exclusive On The House rewards scheme. They have recently given the scheme a bit of a makeover too, making it better than ever before, guaranteeing you have the best time possible each time you log in.

Ladbrokes Bingo’s On The House rewards scheme is based around a bingo house, and as you play you will progress through the different rooms, each one unlocking bigger and better benefits than the last. As a new player, you will automatically start in the garden, but before too long you will soon find yourself climbing up through the different levels, making your way towards the Penthouse.

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Ladbrokes Bingo And The Social Networks

Monday, Oct. 24th 2016 5:46 AM

When you register for an account at Ladbrokes Bingo, you become part of their family, which not only includes their bingo site but also all of their branches, giving you access to hundreds of different games, spread across Casino, Slots, Games, Poke and Lotto to name but a few. You will soon find yourself making friends with fellow roomies, and a great way to keep in touch with them all is through Ladbrokes very own Social App.

Using their Social App is nice and easy, and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab in the chat box in their rooms. In here, you can build up a profile and share information with your bingo buddies, upload a profile picture and add people to your friend’s list. The benefit of this is that you will then be notified each time they log on and you can chat to each via the ‘speech bubble’ feature.

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Ladbrokes Bingo Extend A Warm Welcome To Newbies

Thursday, Oct. 6th 2016 7:49 AM

When it comes to rolling out the red carpet for new players, we see many different sites change the offer that they extend to newbies regularly in an effort to ‘keep up with the joneses’. Ladbrokes Bingo is one such brand but their most recent change happened in June.

It was then that Ladbrokes Bingo dropped the 500% bonus and reduced it to 300% so it can sometimes be worth playing the field a little bit and waiting on the best offer when it comes to bingo bonuses. However, whilst the deal isn’t quite as lucrative as it once was, it’s still a good deal. Don’t forget, there’s also 7 days free bingo thrown in as part of the welcome package too!

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Ladbrokes Bingo – A History In Adverts

Thursday, Sep. 29th 2016 7:00 AM

We’ve seen many different online bingo brands advertise their wares on television; some good, some bad and some downright shocking. Ladbrokes Bingo have quite a colourful history of television commercials and we’ve see a whole array of different storyboards for their adverts.

At the Ladbrokes Bingo site you will find a page dedicated to the history of the commercials they have aired. We were surprised to find that the bingo has not been on the small screen for three years now. The first of the ads we could see was the one featuring Dave who liked to sniff his car parts.

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Be A Loyalty Millionaire With Ladbrokes Bingo

Tuesday, Sep. 13th 2016 5:25 PM

September is set to be a lucrative month when it comes to loyalty points at Ladbrokes Bingo because the site is giving away a whopping 1,000,000 between 2nd and 29th. Already 250,000 On The House Rewards have been shared amongst some lucky players, but will it be you who takes a slice of the loyalty pie in the next draw?

For a chance to be a winner you have to use a special code and this can be input using the drop down menu at the top of your screen when you are logged into your Ladbrokes Bingo account. There are three qualifying weeks of the promotion left and each boasts a 250,000 loyalty points prize kitty. This week’s qualifying ends on 15th September and the code required for entry is Draw2.

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