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Gala Bingo Say TGIF!

Thursday, Mar. 22nd 2018 7:54 AM

Friday tomorrow, the last before payday for many, so the chances are you won’t be planning a night out with friends this week. A cheap night in before the wages hit the bank is what’s in order and at Gala Bingo you could get involved in their Thank Gala It’s Friday promotion. If you’ve been playing at the site during the week, and have opted in to join the TGIF fun, chances are you’ve already earned a few tickets. If not, you can buy them for the special gift games at a cost of 20p each.

Earning tickets is a better option for the regulars at Gala Bingo and six are given for all ten games in the TGIF promotion the moment you opt in and then deposit and spend £20 on bingo tickets.

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All Aboard The Gala Bingo Corrie Bus

Saturday, Feb. 10th 2018 7:19 AM

Gala Bingo launched a brand new promotion on 4th February but you haven’t missed out because it continues right through until 4th March. Up for grabs in this latest offer from the popular brand is the chance to win bingo bonuses, access to free bingo sessions and seats on the Corrie Bingo Bus Tour. Land yourself the latter and you’ll be meeting a former Coronation Street star!

Each and every day of the promotion there is a What Do I Win? button available at Gala Bingo, simply click it to view what the prize of the day is. On the day we prepared this content, if we had spent £5 playing Coronation Street Bingo we would have been playing free games in the Margarita Room at 6pm the following day. Additionally our £5 spend would have gotten our name in the hat to win seats on the Corrie Bingo Bus Trip.

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Gala Bingo Sponsor Aussie Soaps

Saturday, Aug. 26th 2017 7:45 AM

Neighbours and Home and Away were always a main stay of early evening TV when we were kids. We have fond memories of coming home from college and lolloping in the chair to catch up with the latest happenings with the likes of Harold and Madge and Scott and Charlene. However, both Aussie soap casts have changed since then but they both still remain popular in the UK.

It’s no surprise then to hear that Gala Bingo have just secured a deal with Channel 5 to sponsor both of these Aussie soaps! This means that over the coming weeks, if you watch the shows, then you’ll see the popular online and retail brand in the commercial breaks.

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Bingo Side Bets Are Back

Tuesday, Aug. 16th 2016 7:33 AM

In 2011 we saw Side Bets introduced to some of the standalone brands from Cassava. Later, in July 2012, these were added to the Dragonfish networked brands too [read more here]. However, visit any of the brands that once hosted this additional feature, and you’ll not find it available. Even before that, the Parlay Entertainment software offered Bingo Bets.

However, whilst Side Bets and Bingo Bets are now a thing of the past and both Cassava sites and Parlay sites, we have found them at Gala Bingo! Now you have to wonder why they would add this feature when it clearly wasn’t an asset on two other software platforms.

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Gala Sell All Its Land Based Bingo Halls

Wednesday, Oct. 28th 2015 11:28 AM

Over the years we’ve followed the ebb and flow of the retail industry’s biggest players. There’s been a number of purchases and sales, but this latest move from Gala is possibly one of the biggest we’ve seen here. In one fell swoop Gala has sold its entire portfolio of high-street bingo halls. That’s 130 halls with more than 1.1 million members, a snip at £241m.

The halls were bought by the Caledonia investment group, whom also own stakes in other leisure industry businesses such as Park Holidays. The full details of the sale are here so we won’t go into detail on the background of the story, but look at some of the potential implications and speculate on potential issues.

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Massive Gala Sell Off

Sunday, Jan. 11th 2015 10:08 AM

Gala Bingo owners Gala Coral have eventually sold 47 of their bingo hall properties to M&G Investments in a streamlining move before flotation of the Gala Coral group on the stock exchange. There had been talk of the sale over the past year, following the sale of their Gala Casinos, however obviously with a sale of such size it was months before someone ‘bit’ and there was official confirmation.

There will be another five properties added to the list in the deal which will bring in £173.4 million for Gala Coral. But, what does this mean for their regular bingo players?

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Galalala In The New Gala Bingo Advert

Friday, Nov. 14th 2014 7:44 AM

Gala Bingo has a brand new bingo advert and a brand new hashtag as #Galalala goes live, on your TV screens and on Twitter! The new advert aired for the first time this week and you can watch it below, we love a good old bingo ad and we couldn’t wait to see it!

We love the clever twist turning Gala into Galalala, a bit of marketing genius and the ad features various people, in various surroundings all singing the Galalala song, playing bingo along the way.

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Barking Gala Bingo To Close

Wednesday, Nov. 5th 2014 10:25 AM

We never take any joy in reporting the closure of a bingo hall, but for some reason it’s even more lamentable when the hall in question is one that has a bit of history both as a bingo hall, and as a landmark building.

Gala Bingo on Barking Road in East Ham, is one of those bingo halls that for the past 28 years has been a solid presence in the local community, and will without doubt be sadly missed as a meeting place for locals, as don’t forget, bingo is not just about marking cards, it’s also about that ‘sense of community’.

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