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WSN Drop Bingo Tickets From Bonus Wheel

Thursday, Mar. 1st 2018 7:07 AM

Wheel Of Slots Network

WSN Change
Bonus Wheel

The Wheel Of Slots Network (WSN) never really got its foot in the bingo door in the same way that the 15 Network did but it’s clear that Jumpman Gaming as a bingo entity is not fairing too well with players. Step into the bingo rooms (and we did on the evening of 19th February) and you’ll find very few players in the rooms. On the 15 Network at 8.40pm there were 11 in the rooms and across on WSN, a couple more at 13.

It comes as no surprise then to find that the networks, and ultimately the software platform, is sustained by the slots players. This explains why both networks have recently removed the ‘bingo tickets’ section from their bonus wheels.

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Volcano Bingo Erupts On WSN

Saturday, Feb. 11th 2017 7:04 AM

Volcano Bingo joined the ranks of the Wheel Of Slots Network (WSN) towards the end of January and as you would expect, the logo and home page design features a volcano. However, what the brand fails to deliver is an explosive gaming experience for the player. This is simply because the Wheel of Slots Network caters more for the slot player than those who are after a decent game of bingo.

Volcano Bingo is the second brand from the Meteor Marketing to launch on the Jumpman Gaming software. The first was Rocket Bingo on the 15 Network back in

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Amazing Bingo Joins Wheel Of Slots

Thursday, Aug. 11th 2016 7:58 AM

When it comes to domain extensions from sites that offer online bingo, we’re used to seeing either or .com. However, the last brand to join the Wheel of Slots Network (WSN) has opted Amazing Bingo is the name of the site, but instead of being on a url ending with the standard extensions, it is as Amazing.Bingo.

That’s not all that is different about Amazing Bingo, they also have a pretty amazing home page design. It certainly doesn’t look like your standard WSN site when you land there for the first time.

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Hashtag Bingo And Bingo Sanctuary Opt For WSN

Wednesday, Sep. 16th 2015 12:02 AM

Wheel of Slots Network

Coming Soon

It was only on Friday of last week that we revealed the names of some of the new bingo sites coming soon to a network near you. One of those sites was Lucky Wheel Bingo, a brand coming soon to the Wheel of Slots Network (WSN). Today we bring you news of two new brands that have also opted for WSN and Jumpman Gaming.

Bingo Sanctuary and Hashtag Bingo are both expected to launch before Christmas 2015, the former opening first with the latter no doubt not far behind. Here we reveal the few details that we know for certain about the two brands.

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Wheel Of Slots Network Launches Four New Bingo Brands

Saturday, Jun. 13th 2015 7:52 AM

Over the last couple of days the team here at Playing Bingo have been busy writing review upon review of the same product over and over again, a tedious task but one that was required to welcome a new network to the world of online bingo. It was over a year ago now that we first heard of the Wheel Of Slots Network (WSN) but on Tuesday 9th June it was finally launched.

With the launch of the new network there had to be at least one new bingo site but WSN launched four all on the same day! There’s Bingo Fling, Lucky Cow Bingo, Viking Bingo and Wallis Bingo all now available on the network but what’s different? Are things as exciting as they should be?

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