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Staycation At Bid Bingo

Monday, Jul. 16th 2018 7:34 AM

With the weather having been so glorious in the UK, it’s no wonder that many Brits are opting for a staycation rather than holidaying abroad this year. Bid Bingo are actively encouraging this with their latest promotion called Staycation.

It all kicks off today at Bid Bingo, and their sister sites, and it’s all about being the player who fulfills the requirement of the day. There are no less than seven different family days out in the UK on offer in this promotion. The total value of prizes over the week (Monday through until Sunday) is around the £900 mark but will you be one of the lucky winners?

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Big Bingo Winners In The £200K Jackpot Game

Thursday, Oct. 1st 2015 7:12 AM

For a couple of months there were many sites all bragging that they were offering a big £200K jackpot to their players, often with no mention that the game was linked with multiple sites. Similar happened back in May when the first of these big money linked games happened. What we didn’t see back in May were many details of the game winners, we were one of just a couple of news portals that sourced that information and even then, we didn’t get a player name.

The big winner for the May £200K jackpot game was from Red Bus Bingo and this player netted themselves £100K (the rest was shared amongst 1TG and 2TG players). The question is, why didn’t Red Bus Bingo publicise the win? There was no PR done on having a £100,000 winner which seems like a missed opportunity.

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Which Bingo, Sanderson Jones And The ASA

Thursday, Jun. 11th 2015 7:31 AM

In my role as a bingo journalist and site owner I get to attend many different events throughout the year and on Tuesday evening it was the turn of the Which Bingo Awards 2015. None other than Mr Winner himself, Sanderson Jones, hosted the event and a great time was had by all.

The venue for the Which Bingo Awards 2015 was HMS President, moored on Victoria Embankment and once my husband and I had gotten our sea legs it was time to start with the complimentary champagne and nibbles. A member of the Which Bingo team greeted everyone and all had their photo taken before mingling with their peers from the industry.

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Changes And Improvements To The National Bingo Game

Thursday, Mar. 6th 2014 7:46 AM

If any of our readers have visited the Creative Corner here at Playing Bingo then you will know that it was quite a few years ago that I first visited a land based bingo hall. Once I’d realised that it wasn’t all blue rinses and walking frames, I was a regular before switching my focus to online play. I do still visit the halls on occasion but not quite as often as I once did and it would appear that I am just the patron that the National Bingo Game Association (NGBA) wish to reengage and get coming back to the halls.

When I first started playing bingo in the clubs the National Bingo Game prize money was around the £100,000 mark, now jackpots of these proportions are only available on the Internet (and even then very rarely although currently one such prize pool is on offer at Costa Bingo). Things are changing though as the NGBA up their game.

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The Results Are In! Poetry Competition Winners Announced

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2013 8:23 PM

It’s been a busy year for our cultural quest to get bingo a body of creative work to be proud of. With the launch of our Creative Corner we’ve had a couple of great projects come to fruition, the latest of which is our 1st Poetry Competition.

The competition closed at the end of October, and since then the staff have been busy judging the entries to create the final shortlist, which went off to our guest judge, Fawzia Kane and she’s gone through the shortlisted poems to pick the winners. I’m pleased to announce the winners are as follows:

  • 1st place: Simon French – Winter’s Lucky Lady – £150 winner.
  • 2nd place: Sadie Few – Bingo Wings – £100 winner.
  • 3rd place: Michael Harrup – Bingo – £50 winner.

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Short Story Competition Winners And A New Poetry Competition

Friday, Mar. 29th 2013 7:05 AM

I’m pleased to announce that we have our winners for our first ever Short Story Competition. We opened the competition back in the spring of 2012, in which time we received 174 qualifying entries, on a range of bingo related subjects. The stories covered a range of styles and ideas including humour, horror, raunch, romance and more. Along the way there was more than the odd murder, a good few laughs and the odd watery eye, all in all the team here were thoroughly entertained during the judging.

We drilled the entries down until we had a short list of 15 stories, when we let our guest judge Rachel Trezise have the tricky job of deciding the final winners. Well, it was no easy task but she placed the winners in to the top 4 prize positions. She also she commented on the high quality of the entries she had to judge and the entertaining range of styles and stories.

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Lucky Start To The Year For Opera Bingo Players

Monday, Feb. 11th 2013 2:37 PM

I recently reported on two big wins within weeks of each other at two of Opera Bingo’s three Cumbria clubs. When this happened before, it was followed by another win at their third club, well, they do say good things come in threes.

But this time, their Carlisle club didn’t follow suit, in fact there has been another big win at their Whitehaven club, this time £28,000. We don’t know how their attendances are doing, but we’re guessing that news of wins like this is certainly going to help fill the clubs up.

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