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Fresh New Look And Bonus At Wink Bingo

Tuesday, Feb. 6th 2018 7:59 AM

Over the last few months we have seen quite a few changes at popular bingo sites, and those that are not so well-known, as they all work to meet the new regulations and expectations of the likes of the Gambling Commission. The latest to make changes is Wink Bingo and just recently they unveiled a brand new look, a change in the welcome bonus for new players and a swish advertising campaign.

Wink Bingo now has a retro pop-art feel to it and we quite like the updated look. Often a makeover goes no further than the home page and all too often we’ve seen a change on the landing page but little actually changes when you login. This is not the case for Wink; the virtual painters and decorators have been at work site wide!

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888 Sites Boast £200K Jumbo Jackpot

Thursday, Apr. 30th 2015 7:57 AM

How do you fancy taking a chance on winning a life-changing jackpot of £100,000? Or at least taking a share of a community jackpot worth £100,000? If that sounds appealing that you’ll want to read on about the £200,000 Jumbo Jackpot that all of the 888 standalone sites have to offer at the end of May! And, if the jackpot wasn’t impressive enough, a ticket will only cost you £1.

There are several brands, including Wink Bingo, that will all be selling tickets for this game but it’s worth noting that 888 have capped the number of tickets available to be sold at 600,000. Each site is able to sell their players just a maximum of 48 for the Jumbo Jackpot game but imagine the profit for 888 if all 600,000 sell?

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New Look Wink Bingo

Thursday, Dec. 4th 2014 7:54 AM

For a couple of weeks now social media sites Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing with teasers of the impending launch of a new look Wink Bingo. We have been checking back regularly (despite not being overly impressed with the logo that the brand posted on their Facebook page recently) and yesterday the makeover was complete. We’d got ourselves all excited about nothing really, the lick of virtual paint has done little to enhance the brand if we are honest.

Wink Bingo was always very pink previously and the homepage colourful, if not very interesting. Now it is just dull and lifeless despite the festive decorations that have been added to the background.

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Are Bingo Brands Saving For Christmas?

Saturday, Aug. 31st 2013 7:25 AM

Once upon a time it used to be that you could visit the big name brands like Wink, Foxy, 888Ladies etc. and find a whole plethora of interesting promotions. Of late we have noticed that the ‘great’ promotions that we have been used to are becoming less and less which made us ask the question ‘Are bingo brands saving for Christmas?’

The online bingo market place has changed a lot over the years – from the welcome bonus structures, to new software and of course, the introduction of free bingo 24/7 and advertising on television. All of this is great to attract the players through the doors but what has happened to player retention by the impressive promotions. Is it that we as players have higher expectations of the brands now?

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XXX Bingo – X Rated Or Underrated?

Thursday, Jun. 27th 2013 7:18 AM

XXX Bingo is the name of a new brand reportedly coming soon according to the domain, a domain that currently sports a logo that can only be described as more fitting for some seedy X-rated site that the government are currently working to block. Atop of the logo are three naked silhouetted ladies and the text below reads “Coming Soon – For Bingo Playing Adults Only’.

Online bingo is a game for adults only, you have to be 18 to play the game at any brand on the Internet anyway, but most brands aren’t being overtly sexual when trying to attract players to their site.

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Wink Bingo Under ASA Scrutiny

Thursday, Jun. 13th 2013 7:17 AM

It always amazes us how just one complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA)can result in a ban for a bingo commercial or marketing campaign that may have cost thousands to create. However, recently it was GRASP (The Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group) who were the complainants, this time about a poster on a side of a bus from Wink Bingo.

The offending Wink Bingo poster featured the Dream Idols and their naked torsos and GRASP challenged whether this linked gambling to seduction and enhanced attractiveness.

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