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A Month Of Fun At Tombola Bingo

Monday, Oct. 9th 2017 4:25 AM

October is renowned for being the scariest month of the year, but all that can change if you make your way over to Tombola Bingo. They have lined up a month’s worth of exciting promotions for you to enjoy and it does not matter which one of their many fun-packed games you prefer to play, there is sure to be something for you.

Between now and midnight on Wednesday, make sure you are playing in the Cinco rooms. Each evening between 8pm and 10pm, Tombola Bingo are giving you the chance to win guaranteed cash jackpots. You have the chance to win £150 in the 5p rooms, £200 in the 10p rooms, £300 in the 20p rooms and a whopping £800 through every game in their 40p rooms.

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The Bandit Sinks The Battleships At Tombola

Saturday, Sep. 2nd 2017 7:19 AM

Tombola is well known for it’s innovation and unique games and we have always been big fans of what it has to offer. However, there was once a time that Tombola rolled out a new game every couple of months but it would appear that those efforts are now being concentrated on their Arcade offering.

We’ve seen nothing new (other than the daily free game that changes intermittently) for quite some time from Tombola. Even sadder news is that soon we’re to lose two of the most established games at the site! Battleships and Bandits are soon to be removed from the suite of games that are on offer at the site.

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Daily Stars At Tombola Bingo

Monday, Jul. 31st 2017 4:37 AM

There is no denying that the people behind Tombola Bingo must have a fantastic imagination. Ever since they first became a site in their own right, they have launched one fantastic game after another and they all combine cartoon style graphics with fun game play to give you the chance to win a pocket full of cash. Included in their line-up is their free daily Stars game.

The difference between this free game and previous ones offered by Tombola Bingo is that you don’t have to wager a certain amount to qualify. All you need to do is ensure that your mobile phone number is stored in your account details, because every Monday they will send you a four-digit pin number that will allow you to access the game for the following week.

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Busy Month At Tombola Bingo

Monday, Jan. 2nd 2017 5:51 AM

You would think after the excitement of Christmas and the New Year that Tombola Bingo would be taking it easy for a while, but that’s not really their style. Just because the festive season has come to an end, does not mean their promotions have too. Check out their January schedule and you will find it packed full of fun things to do, and they have made sure that all their favourite games are included.

Between Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th January, make sure you are sailing the seas in Tombola Bingo’s Pirates game. Each day between 12pm and 2pm you have the chance to win guaranteed cash jackpots, with prize pots of £20 in the 10p a card room, £30 in the 25p a card room and £50 in the 50p a card room, so there is a game to suit all budgets!

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Game Freeze Arrives At Tombola Bingo

Tuesday, Oct. 4th 2016 7:32 AM

When it comes to innovation, the most prolific online today (in our humble opinion) is Tombola Bingo. Consistently the site provides their players with a great selection of games and whilst we may not be big fans of the new slot site, Tombola Arcade, we’re huge fans of the games on the bingo site. Additionally we have always been impressed with a number of other features at the site; namely Play Mates and of course, their ‘play responsibly’ options.

A recent addition to the site under the ‘play responsibly’ hat is an option for players called Game Freeze. This allows players to choose certain games that they would like to block themselves from playing at Tombola.

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Spooky Halloween At Tombola

Wednesday, Oct. 28th 2015 7:56 AM

Tombola Bingo hosts a selection of brilliant and unique games at their online bingo site, and most of them can be accessed just as well from a mobile device too. The sites promotions often revolve around big jackpot giveaways, and this Halloween is no different with big jackpot sessions in Bingo 90, Bingo 75 and Rollercoaster in what is promising to be an exciting Halloween!

The Spooky Links in Bingo 90 started on Monday but don’t worry as it’s the final night tonight, and then as we head into the weekend there’s more fun for both Bingo 75 players and Rollercoaster fans at Tombola too!

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Sizzling Specials At Tombola Bingo

Monday, Jun. 8th 2015 7:20 AM

The weather is hotting up at over at Tombola there’s a collection of summer specials to get you in the mood for the warmer weather! There are back to back promos all month with some sizzling specials, big jackpots and thousands to be won through June.

All through June there’s a host of specials including daily jackpots, guaranteed prizes and more, and where usually they are spread throughout all of the unique games at Tombola, this month everything is about the bingo!

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Pulse Launches At Tombola Bingo

Saturday, Jul. 19th 2014 7:18 AM

A couple of weeks ago Tombola announced that they would be launching a new game and while there was no clue as to what Pulse was, we knew it was ‘coming soon’. Well the game finally launched this week and the big shock isn’t the game, it’s the fact that it’s had almost 30 jackpot winners in a single week!

The new game only launched last Monday and it’s already crammed with players, there were a few glitches on opening day but now it’s available both from the online version and the app at Tombola Bingo so you can play it on the move, or relaxing at home. The brand does now seem to have resolved all the glitches that were affecting mobile play, and that will be good news for those who want to get out and enjoy this lovely weather we’re having!

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