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Foxy Bingo To Migrate To Cozy Games!

Wednesday, Oct. 24th 2018 3:39 PM

Foxy Bingo To Make A Move

Cozy Games For
Foxy Bingo

An interesting email landed in our inbox this morning and upon reading it, we were left scratching our heads, perplexed by the choices made by the owners of Foxy Bingo. The email was notification that as of 20th November 2018 888 will no longer operate the brand but instead, Electraworks Ltd will be responsible.

A little background for those who are not completely au fait with the Foxy Bingo history; the brand was created by Cashcade, Cashcade was sold to PartyGaming that then became bwin.Party before being sold to GVC. GVC recently acquired Cozy Games and it’s run by Electraworks Ltd, Electraworks is part of the GVC Group.

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Cashcade To Close Popular Brands

Wednesday, Aug. 22nd 2018 12:44 PM

Cashcade Brands Closing

 Sites Closing

Although Cashcade was sold to PartyGaming and then on to GVC Holdings, the popular brands from the company remained open and available to players even when all around them were closing or making significant changes. Sadly this is no longer the case as several of the brands are due to close at the end of this month.

That’s not all though, it looks as though the first brand I ever played bingo at, Think Bingo, is set to go to the dark side! When I say that, I mean it looks set to move to the Cozy Games product if I am reading the email correctly.

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The Flipside Of The Kelly Nield Story

Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 7:29 AM

If you read the news then the chances are you will have come across the story of Kelly Nield, a 32 year old bingo player who attributes her £45,000 debt to a crippling gambling habit formed from seeing an online bingo advert. She goes on to say how the adverts target vulnerable people who believe they can make money from gambling but in this article, I want to tell you MY story because like Kelly my online bingo tale began from seeing an advert on television, unlike Kelly, I don’t have a £45,000 debt!

You can read the full story of my first dalliance with bingo at the Mecca Bingo hall in Hayes here. That was my first ever real experience of the game but a couple of years later I saw an advert on television for Think Bingo and they were offering £5 free. I signed up, claimed my free money and stayed as a player at the site for nearly two years.

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888 Roll Out Mobile Software

Tuesday, Mar. 26th 2013 7:30 AM

It was only a few weeks ago that 888/Globalcom launched their mobile bingo software at their flagship site 888Ladies, and then last week we saw Think Bingo Mobile launch on the same software and this signals the floodgates open as the company rolls out mobile software across the entire network.

Although mobile bingo first launched a couple of years ago, there have until now only been a handful of decent sites. However, all that is set to change and the number of sites to choose from is likely to grow exponentially as the market explodes over the next few months.

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Think Bingo Launches Mobile App

Friday, Mar. 22nd 2013 7:17 AM

It seems the mobile bingo revolution is well and truly underway now and every day new online bingo sites are switching to mobile. The latest, Think Bingo who launched their mobile app this week, but it signals a bigger move across the entire software and all the sites that use it.

Think Bingo Mobile launched this week, and it’s not dissimilar to the online version. In fact, it’s the same bingo, laid out slightly differently to accommodate a small screen, but you can play the same games now from your mobile that you could from your pc before.

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Think Bingo Forum Now Closed

Monday, Jul. 23rd 2012 7:55 AM

My first dalliance in the world of online bingo was at the Herotech (now Cashcade or site Think Bingo. I saw an advert on TV back in 2005 showing a £5 free offer and there I stayed as a player, loyal for about eighteen months. One of the things that made this brand better than the others was the Think Bingo forum, a place where you could interact with other players easily without having your conversation interrupted by others. A place where you could air your views, opinions and general news.

Today I tried to access the Think Bingo forum only to find it no longer available! Apparently it was closed as of 20th June 2012. I would say that I am shocked but to be honest, I’ve expected this for quite sometime. It used to be that the forum was alive with players posting but for a while now the interaction has not been what it once was.

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Bingo Brolly, Where Is One When You Need One?

Thursday, Jul. 19th 2012 7:07 AM

Bingo Brolly launched in 2011 as the equivalent to the Joy Of Bingo offering but from the Cashcade sites, however a recent visit to the site revealed a “504 Gateway Time Out”, with all this rain we could all do with a Bingo Brolly but it seems to have done a disappearing act! Despite contacting Cashcade for information about what is happening, no response was received so we can only presume that this network offering didn’t prove quite as popular as that from the Joy of Bingo brands.

Previously if you were a member of Cheeky Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo and Foxy Zero you could earn Brolly points for every £20 that you spent at any of the brands. For 10 Brolly points you earned one free card into the next Sunshine Jackpot game that was scheduled to take place and these held jackpots of £10,000!

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