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Daily Stars At Tombola Bingo

Monday, Jul. 31st 2017 4:37 AM

There is no denying that the people behind Tombola Bingo must have a fantastic imagination. Ever since they first became a site in their own right, they have launched one fantastic game after another and they all combine cartoon style graphics with fun game play to give you the chance to win a pocket full of cash. Included in their line-up is their free daily Stars game.

The difference between this free game and previous ones offered by Tombola Bingo is that you don’t have to wager a certain amount to qualify. All you need to do is ensure that your mobile phone number is stored in your account details, because every Monday they will send you a four-digit pin number that will allow you to access the game for the following week.

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Cheeky Boom Boom Advert Bumpers – One Or Two Actresses?

Tuesday, Sep. 4th 2012 6:24 AM

If you are a Jeremy Kyle fan then you will no doubt have seen the Cheeky Bingo bumpers that appear at the beginning and end of each commercial break. These feature a lady being coy about certain things like whether her diet really had a chocolate day or if her top lip has ever been waxed. There appears to be much debate as to whether it is one or two women that appears in the commercial as the blog comments on the Frontroom Creative Agency web site reveals.

Some are asking about the Cheeky Bingo adverts because they find the actress atrractive whilst others are trying to settle an argument at home. Are there one or two actresses in the commercials? Read on for the definitive answer from the operators of the brand…

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