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Rollover Bingo Latest On Cashcade Casualty List

Wednesday, Sep. 12th 2018 12:05 PM

Rollover Bingo Closing

Rollover Bingo
Closing Soon

Not so long ago we brought you the news that a few of the Cashcade brands had made the decision to close their virtual doors and at the end of August, they ceased to offer online bingo. Recently we heard of yet another of these sites set to close, and this time it is the turn of Rollover Bingo.

Whilst Telly Talk Bingo, ITV Bingo and Bingo Scotland weren’t a significant loss for the world of online gaming, we think that Rollover Bingo will be. The reason for this is that they offered something a bit more than the bog standard offers when it came to welcome bonuses. Players were awarded lottery tickets with their first deposit.

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Health Bingo Closes Tomorrow

Tuesday, Feb. 27th 2018 7:32 AM

Health Bingo

Health Bingo

The Health Bingo launched in January 2014 but if we’re honest, like many of the Bede Gaming online bingo offerings, it didn’t quite catch our interest. The promotions weren’t up to much and the gaming experience wasn’t that great either so we weren’t overly surprised to hear that tomorrow the brand is closing to players.

It would appear that Health Bingo is going the same way as some other brands have recently and moving away from bingo to concentrate on the far more lucrative for operators option of slots / casino. Health Games is reported to be coming soon and when you visit the bingo site, it was this new venture that is being promoted to people landing at the site.

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Bingo Bulldog Bites The Dust

Thursday, Jul. 28th 2016 7:46 AM

Bingo bulldog

Bingo Bulldog

When it comes to online bingo sites, we see many new ones join the ranks each month. However, today the news is of a site closure. Bingo Bulldog is the site and if we’re honest, we are shocked that it survived as long as it did!

Bingo Bulldog launched in October 2013 on the Parlay Entertainment software and was one of the few sites still trading that offer players this software platform. At launched we reviewed the site and found a limited number of rooms and even fewer players. The suggestion would be that this improved over time; otherwise, the site wouldn’t have been able to survive over two and a half years.

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Fierce Bingo Closing

Wednesday, Oct. 9th 2013 7:33 AM

On October 15th, 2013 Fierce Bingo is going to close its virtual doors, just six months after opening! Is this a record? The site is one of many that chose to open as part of the Dragonfish network but was the only site to date who were quite so specific with the demographic that they were trying to appeal to.

The home page of Fierce Bingo even went so far as to describe itself as an ‘online gay bingo website” and pit itself as exclusively for gay and lesbian players. As we all know, an online bingo site never discriminates against players with the only restriction being that they are over 18.

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M8ts Bingo Bites The Virtual Dust

Thursday, Feb. 7th 2013 6:47 PM

In May of last year M8ts Bingo opened to players, the first new brand in quite some time to launch using the Parlay Entertainment software. Just two months later, Wonder Bingo (read more here) closed. Today we bring you news of the closure of M8ts Bingo too following an email from the site.

Despite offering new players a £5 no deposit required welcome bonus and a unique way to win in addition to the standard pot prizes, it would appear the M8ts Bingo didn’t tick enough boxes for players.  Although no reason has been given for the closure, players are being redirected to Bingo Palace from the home page of the M8ts Bingo brand.

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3am Bingo Now Closed

Wednesday, Aug. 1st 2012 7:55 AM

3am Bingo was one of many brands on the Cashcade network but yesterday we received notification that the site is now closed and players have been migrated to the sister site of the brand, Mirror Bingo. It comes as no surprise to hear that this site has chosen to close considering the connection with Mirror Bingo. When Mirror Bingo joined the Cashcade network there was, and still is, a room available called 3am.

The notification email was from the affiliate manager but as players we were unable to find any correspondence from 3am Bingo informing us of the closure or redirection to Mirror Bingo.

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Spin Win Bingo To Close

Tuesday, Jul. 10th 2012 6:56 AM

Spin Win Bingo is one of many brands on the Internet today that is part of the large Dragonfish network of sites but we received an email recently informing us that this site is to close it’s virtual doors on 16th July. No reason was given in the email as to the reason behind the closure but we do wonder if it is anything to do with the recent launch of Spin AND Win Bingo, a totally different brand.

It could be that Daub Ltd, the company behind Spin And Win Bingo have offered a substantial amount of cash to the owner or Spin Win Bingo. The owner of the brand is Jonathan Preminger, a former manager at However it could simply be that as 888, the owners of Daub Ltd after purchasing the company a couple of years ago, simply think that the two brand names are too similar.

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