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Online Gambling Financial Checks

Thursday, Jul. 5th 2018 7:29 AM

Gambling Operators - Financial Checks

More Stringent
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In June 2018 32Red was penalised to the tune of £2 million following an investigation by the Gambling Commission. They were found to have serious failings in their social responsibility and money laundering checks but they weren’t the first company to be slapped with a hefty fine for this reason.

£7.8 million was the fine levied against 888 back in August 2017 after they were found to fall short on their social responsibility processes too. These sort of shortcomings are not a new occurrence.

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Gamble Aware Launch Online Campaign

Thursday, Mar. 9th 2017 7:09 AM


Gamble Aware
Online Campaign

When it comes to responsible gambling, we have seen many changes in the world of online bingo over the years. As time progresses we see more and more tools made available to players to ensure that they gamble responsibly and in January 2015, the Senet Group launched a TV campaign to further strengthen people’s understanding of gambling responsibly.

Earlier in the year we saw Gamble Aware launch an online campaign called BeGambleAware and in comparison with the Senet Group campaign, BeGambleAware is far more sinister and dark. Often this sort of advertising can be harder hitting and as a result, have a longer last impact on the viewer.

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More Changes For Socially Responsible Gambling

Wednesday, Aug. 26th 2015 7:36 AM

Online and mobile gaming has seen a boom in recent years and these days it can seem like every other advert is a bingo or casino ad. With a change in trends and more advertising, the IGRG, the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling has announced a range of improvements this week designed to promote socially responsible advertising.

The Industry Code was first implemented in 2007 but these revisions are the biggest since then, and with mobile gambling now seeing huge growth the changes are considered to be much needed and will come into play within the next six months.

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Responsible Gambling Guide

Tuesday, May. 12th 2015 5:02 PM

Playing bingo both online and at a club is fun, but for some people the fun can turn into a problem. Over the years we’ve seen several people end up in court to feed their bingo habit after stealing from their employers and others. These stories are rare, and what we don’t see is the non headline grabbing stories of spiralling debt, and the negative impact on family and friends once things get out of control.

Not everyone knows the warning signs, so for the benefit of our site visitors we’ve had a look at the National Bingo Game’s website for advice. The following is a guide to what to look out for in your own, or others’ behaviour. Please note that we are sticking to the term ‘gambling’ rather than playing bingo, because that is exactly what it is (even if it may be considered gambling with a small ‘g’).

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Who is Bad Betty?

Thursday, Jan. 22nd 2015 7:22 AM

You may have caught an advert on television recently that features a well-known rock tune from Ram Jam called Black Betty and be wondering what it is all about. The words to the song have been altered slightly from the original song and in the commercial are sung as Bad Betty. But who is Bad Betty? Well, she isn’t an actual person; Bad Betty is a euphemism, a nicer way of suggesting that someone may have a gambling problem.

The Senet Group, an independent body that was created in September 2014 to promote responsible gambling standards, has commissioned the campaign. Part of that group are big name brands like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power and what they have agreed to includes not advertising sign up offers on TV before 9pm, the withdrawal of advertising for gaming machines in betting shop windows and giving 20% of their high street shop window space to advertising responsible gambling.

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Tombola And Responsible Gambling

Saturday, Jul. 27th 2013 7:17 AM

All online bingo sites have some sort of procedure in place such that you can gamble responsibly but it is quite rare that these are actively publicised. Often it’s a link quite far down the page or lost in the Terms and Conditions. This is not the case at Tombola Bingo as we found on a recent visit to the site.

If you are a regular with the brand then you will be aware that Tombola Bingo don’t offer a specific promotion page but when logged into the site, you can see the news about big winners and upcoming promotions. It was here that we noted the £1 bonus of setting or confirming your deposit limits.

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Woman Jailed For Stealing To Fund Online Bingo Obsession

Monday, Apr. 15th 2013 7:09 AM

A woman from Stoke on Trent has been jailed for twenty months after admitting stealing £73,000 from her employer to fund an online bingo obsession. Between 2009 and late 2011, Elizabeth Sutton embezzled £73,000 from the company, siphoning off money intended to settle debt into her own bank accounts and then using the money to fund her online bingo addiction.

Yesterday, Stafford Crown Court heard that 55-year old Elizabeth Sutton stole £73,566.30 from her employers, between December 2009 and August 2011. The company is now in peril, and is surviving on a month-to-month basis.

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Some Highlights From The Last Two Years

Tuesday, Mar. 20th 2012 3:23 PM

Whilst it’s great to be back, there’s a lot of stuff that we’ve missed the last couple of years in the bingo world. I thought I’d mention a few things that have struck me in my absence, but that I’ve not had the platform here to celebrate / moan about. Here’s a few things that I will no doubt come back to in coming months to do with the world of bingo.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that despite an ongoing programme of closures, retail bingo is still here and still going strong, albeit with a lot less venues than when we last spoke. Our new Club Finder currently has about 415 clubs listed in it. When the site started there were about 600 clubs in the UK. A lot have closed and we’ve no doubt not managed to find all the UK bingo clubs out there, but it seems things are beginning to stabilise.

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