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Buzz Bingo, Bringing The ‘Buzz’ Back?

Friday, Jun. 29th 2018 7:01 AM

Buzz Bingo

Gala Clubs Rebrand
As Buzz Bingo

For many years now retail bingo has been trying to shake the image of the blue rinse brigade. If you visit your local club you’ll find a more younger demographic in attendance than you might expect and Gala Leisure are hopeful that this becomes the norm as Gala rebrands to Buzz Bingo!  

The new branding for the high street venues is part of a £40 million investment that Gala Leisure are putting into their bingo halls over the next couple of years. Gala Leisure was purchased by Caledonia Venus Acquisitions in December 2015.

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Step Aside Winneroo Bingo, Make Room For Bingorella!

Thursday, Mar. 31st 2016 7:34 AM

Winneroo Bingo was one of many Dragonfish brands available online, that was until yesterday when the site rebranded! It was first opened to players in May 2014 and welcomed the newbies with £5 free, no deposit required. The new site is called Bingorella and like it’s predecessor, the site has a free play bonus on offer to all who register and included their financial details.

But what of the new site design? Have their been substantial changes to the overall aesthetics of the brand and more importantly, who or what is Bingorella? A visit to the site reveals the answer to both questions, the first being that yes, the changes in design are quite noticeable.

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Royal Games Bingo To Rebrand

Monday, Jul. 8th 2013 7:51 AM

Royal Games Bingo runs on the Spielo software, as part of the G2 network, and is a popular online site. However, the brand is about to change it’s name and they want your help to do so. The site has never had a rebrand in its history, but have decided to change the name to ‘better reflect the business and include bingo in the title’.

It won’t mean any real changes for players, logins and player details will all remain the same, and you can still play with your Royal Games Bingo balance. However, what they do want is your help to choose the new name and everyone who does help will be entered into a prize draw to win some fantastic prizes.

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Littlewoods Bingo To Become Vernons Bingo

Monday, May. 7th 2012 8:33 AM

On 10th May we are set to see a name change for Littlewoods Bingo as it becomes Vernons Bingo as part of the “increased focus on the Vernons e-Gaming brand”. Vernons is a name that I remember from my youth; a chap knocking on the door to collect the football pools from my Mum and Dad, but recently we have seen a more prolific online presence from this gaming brand. It was only a couple of months ago that Vernons Casino started to advertise their wares on television so could we soon be seeing a Vernons Bingo commercial too?

What does the chance from Littlewoods Bingo to Vernons Bingo mean for you, the player? Well firstly, and most importantly, your account will remain the same – all that will change is the domain that you visit – it will become

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