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Thursday, Jul. 5th 2018 7:29 AM

Gambling Operators - Financial Checks

More Stringent
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In June 2018 32Red was penalised to the tune of £2 million following an investigation by the Gambling Commission. They were found to have serious failings in their social responsibility and money laundering checks but they weren’t the first company to be slapped with a hefty fine for this reason.

£7.8 million was the fine levied against 888 back in August 2017 after they were found to fall short on their social responsibility processes too. These sort of shortcomings are not a new occurrence.

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The Scourge Of Bingo Halls?

Friday, Dec. 2nd 2016 1:25 PM

Bingo Hall Slots

Are B3 Machines
A Scourge?

B3 machines, a harmless distraction during session breaks or the scourge of bingo halls? Well, according to the Christian Institute, they constitute ‘legalised mugging’. Recent legislation has allowed the pay outs on free standing slot machine to increase in both bingo halls and casinos. Great news, but, at the same time the machines are allowed to accept higher stakes (potentially bad news for some…).

They noted that as reported by the BBC that the machines are positioned within clubs so that patrons cannot cannot enter without passing them (perhaps in the same way ‘impulse buys’ are located at the checkouts of supermarkets). Underlying this is the notion that problem gamblers will find it difficult to pass without stopping and punting.

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Responsible Gambling Guide

Tuesday, May. 12th 2015 5:02 PM

Playing bingo both online and at a club is fun, but for some people the fun can turn into a problem. Over the years we’ve seen several people end up in court to feed their bingo habit after stealing from their employers and others. These stories are rare, and what we don’t see is the non headline grabbing stories of spiralling debt, and the negative impact on family and friends once things get out of control.

Not everyone knows the warning signs, so for the benefit of our site visitors we’ve had a look at the National Bingo Game’s website for advice. The following is a guide to what to look out for in your own, or others’ behaviour. Please note that we are sticking to the term ‘gambling’ rather than playing bingo, because that is exactly what it is (even if it may be considered gambling with a small ‘g’).

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