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Gamble Aware Launch Online Campaign

Thursday, Mar. 9th 2017 7:09 AM


Gamble Aware
Online Campaign

When it comes to responsible gambling, we have seen many changes in the world of online bingo over the years. As time progresses we see more and more tools made available to players to ensure that they gamble responsibly and in January 2015, the Senet Group launched a TV campaign to further strengthen people’s understanding of gambling responsibly.

Earlier in the year we saw Gamble Aware launch an online campaign called BeGambleAware and in comparison with the Senet Group campaign, BeGambleAware is far more sinister and dark. Often this sort of advertising can be harder hitting and as a result, have a longer last impact on the viewer.

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Iceland Bingo’s Hot Holidays

Tuesday, Jan. 17th 2017 5:36 AM

Iceland Bingo is a brand that is owned by the same company that runs your favourite high street frozen food chain. Whilst their shops are kept constantly chilly, they appreciate that their bingo players might like things a little warmer once in a while. Therefore, they have lined up a fantastic 90 ball Hot Holidays game that is taking place on Monday 18th April at 8pm.

You might think we are being a bit premature, bringing you details of a game that is still months away, but there is method in our madness. Iceland Bingo are running a January Sale all this month, meaning you can pre-purchase up to a maximum of 96 cards for their Hot Holidays game, and instead of them costing you £1 each, they will all be half price at just 50p per time.

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Responsive Facebook Bingo Pages

Tuesday, Mar. 8th 2016 7:41 AM

Over the years we have seen a change in how players interact with their favourite brands and social media has given them an open forum to share both their good and bad experiences. Recently we were looking at Facebook and a number of brands that have pages on the popular social media site and noticed that some don’t even take the time to respond to players.

This made us wonder which brands do social media well and who is really not utilising this way to reach their players. In this article, we’ll give you a selection of good examples of responsive Facebook bingo pages.

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The Flipside Of The Kelly Nield Story

Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 7:29 AM

If you read the news then the chances are you will have come across the story of Kelly Nield, a 32 year old bingo player who attributes her £45,000 debt to a crippling gambling habit formed from seeing an online bingo advert. She goes on to say how the adverts target vulnerable people who believe they can make money from gambling but in this article, I want to tell you MY story because like Kelly my online bingo tale began from seeing an advert on television, unlike Kelly, I don’t have a £45,000 debt!

You can read the full story of my first dalliance with bingo at the Mecca Bingo hall in Hayes here. That was my first ever real experience of the game but a couple of years later I saw an advert on television for Think Bingo and they were offering £5 free. I signed up, claimed my free money and stayed as a player at the site for nearly two years.

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7 Reasons Bingo Is Part Of History And The Future

Monday, Jul. 21st 2014 7:14 AM

Bingo, or a similar game can be traced back to the 1500s in Italy. The game was popular then, and soon grew and changed into something more like the game we know today. By the eighteenth century the game had spread across Europe and can be found in French historical culture in a form familiar to what is played today. Throughout the centuries the game has been used for education, gambling, and raising funds.

Within the last century bingo has become a favourite pastime for much of the world. In the US and UK especially it’s one of the nation’s favourite games, but what is it exactly what makes it so popular? After the 1960s bingo heyday in the UK the game had been in decline but in recent times it’s definitely had a revival thanks to the online game. Here are some of the reasons that bingo is part of our history and part of our future too!

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A Wedding Proposal At BingoCams

Wednesday, Jan. 15th 2014 7:17 AM

BingoCams boasts a unique player interface, bringing that real face to face experience to the online game by adding webcams to show your winning moments, and now the site has had its first online marriage proposal, but is all as it seems?

It’s not the first time BingoCams has been connected to true love, back in May 2012 there was a report of two players at the site getting together and then eventually getting married. That report got the brand a lot of coverage across the news pages, and now this proposal is likely to be the talk of the bingo world this week.

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Change In Bingo Hall Taxation Is Afoot

Friday, Dec. 13th 2013 10:12 AM

Anyone in the know will know that over the past few years the land based bingo industry has been suffering leading to the closure of many bingo halls. The perceived causes of the problem are the smoking ban, taxation, image, and the poor economy.

Obviously, nothing can be done about the smoking ban, and there are few who would argue that the decision whether or not to pass on passive smoke to non-smokers is a right of the individual. The poor economy is not a problem specific to bingo, many businesses have been suffering, but hopefully if and when there is an upturn there will be a positive impact on the bingo industry.

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Ukash / PayPoint Deal – What It Means For Bingo Players

Thursday, Apr. 18th 2013 6:31 AM

When it comes to funding your online bingo account many sites offer you the opportunity to use Ukash as a payment option. Using Ukash means that you do not have to enter your financial details, simply enter a voucher code and the money is instantly available. Purchasing Ukash vouchers can be done at any shop that has a Paypoint or Payzone facility.

Changes are afoot this month for Ukash users though, and a change for the better. Previously when you had won using a Ukash voucher and withdrew your winnings you would be furnished with a new code that could be used to make other purchases, withdrawing to an ATM card that had to be applied for or you were sent a cheque. However, a recent deal with Paypoint means that you will soon be able to turn your codes back into cash in the same way as you turn cash into codes.

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