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Hot House Bingo From Gala Bingo

Thursday, Sep. 27th 2018 12:08 PM

When it comes to innovation we are seeing more and more of our favourite brands launching new ways to play online bingo. We’ve seen Blocks from Tombola, BOB from Mecca and today we are going to be looking at Hot House Bingo, the new way to play from Gala Bingo.

When you enter a Hot House Bingo room at Gala Bingo you will see that the tickets are different from the standard 90 ball cards, although these are 90 ball games. There are no spaces, just 15 numbers in three columns of five. The gameplay is completely different too and it took a couple of games to understand what was happening.

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Blocks At Tombola

Wednesday, Sep. 5th 2018 8:10 PM

We’ve always been big fans of Tombola and it’s easy to see why this site has won numerous awards, both from its peers and its players. However, over the last couple of years, it has slacked off in the introduction of new and innovative games to its bingo offering whilst the team concentrated on Tombola Arcade.

One of our favourite things about Tombola was the new game launches and FINALLY, we have a new one to tell you about (albeit it a bit after launch). The game is Blocks and it first appeared at the site back in July of this year. The question is, does it have the playability of firm favourites like Rollercoaster and Cinco?

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Candylicious At Dragonfish Sites

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd 2017 7:04 AM

When it comes to bingo gaming innovation, the 888 software isn’t really up in the ranks of market leader. In fact, many would consider it safe to say that they have been lagging behind the likes of Tombola and Virtue Fusion for quite some time. The last new game launched on the 888 platform was the 52-5 card game but this was originally restricted to just a handful of sites powered by the software.

A couple of weeks ago the Dragonfish network of sites launched another version of this 52-5 game, one called Candylicious, and at first we were really excited at the prospect of a new addition to the bingo game landscape. Then we played the game, and that excitement quickly waned!

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Cash Cubes, New Bingo Variant Coming Soon From Playtech

Tuesday, Feb. 16th 2016 7:37 AM

As our regular readers will know, we review new bingo sites quite often and something we always seem to be saying of late is that each brand brings ‘more of the same’ to the table. We need something new and exciting and it would seem that Playtech are about to deliver with a new bingo variant called Cash Cubes!

We were informed of the impending release of the new product via email. The email told us that the news is bore was just ‘general’ but on reading, we were more than a little excited at the prospect of a new bingo variant from Playtech. It’s a bit like when Tombola use their second to none innovation to create a new addition for their product.

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Raw Bingo Introduces Wizard of Bingo

Tuesday, Nov. 24th 2015 12:39 PM

Regular readers of our pages will know that I am not a fan of the Cozy Games products and haven’t been for a long time. Today’s news article may come as a bit of a shock to you all because for the first time in forever, I am going to be nice about a Cozy Games product! It was on a visit to Raw Bingo that the miracle happened…

I’d heard tell of an innovative new bingo variant that had arrived on the software and wanted to check it out. My expectations were not high at all, after all brands like Raw Bingo have always had the highest number of bingo variants available online anyway. Wizard of Bingo is the product name.

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New Game About To Launch At Tombola

Saturday, Jun. 21st 2014 7:18 AM

Tombola offers some fantastic one-off games on their standalone platform making it easily the most unique bingo site on the Internet. And pretty soon players will have another new and unique game to play at the site, as Pulse is about to launch.

Despite our best investigative journalism we haven’t found out any details of the new game, but they are featuring a teaser at the Tombola Bingo website! We even trawled the Facebook page, but apart from many mentions of Pulse ‘coming soon’, there was nothing to indicate just how soon that will be, or what the game is about!

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3xcite Bingo Arrives At Dragonfish Brands

Wednesday, Jun. 26th 2013 7:00 AM

The Dragonfish network of sites are really pulling their proverbial socks up of late when it comes to new offers and promotions. Sites like Bingo Cove have always provided one of the most popular gaming experiences online to date but often we find ourselves wanting a little bit more from the sites, a new game or innovation like that we see from Tombola.

For the most part Bingo Cove and the other brands tend to fail on the delivery of this sort of thing but just recently we have seen the introduction of 3xcite Bingo to the Dragonfish network. 3xcite Bingo is played on a 75 ball bingo board but differs to the traditional game in so far as only two types of players win – those who call bingo and those who are left with 2TG when the game is over.

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Lucky 7 Arrives At Tombola

Monday, Feb. 4th 2013 7:37 AM

It’s been a little while since we saw a new game launch at Tombola, the last innovative addition being mobile bingo. Prior to that the newest game to arrive at the site had been Pirates but on Friday Lucky 7 launched at Tombola adding yet another impressive game to their portfolio.

Like many other games at Tombola there are many different betting options for Lucky 7 with the main lobby offering Diner’s at 10p, Motel’s at 50p and the Drive-Thru at £1. Each has a number of rooms for you to choose from. To play you have to choose seven tiles from a board of 49. You then purchase your Lucky 7 ticket and wait for the game to get underway. Numbers are called in the same way as a traditional bingo game, under each tile there is a fruit symbol and all you have to do is match any seven of the same symbols to win.

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