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Fancy Bingo Gets A Fancy Makeover

Tuesday, Apr. 18th 2017 7:46 AM

Over the last few months we have seen many of the 888 / Cassava powered sites make some changes. Originally this was the introduction of the new BingoS software to all sites, and then at some, the introduction of a choice of games lobby. Fancy Bingo is the latest to have the latter (and the former because it arrived a while ago) and now players have the option to have the Classic View or Tablet View.

Each option is pretty self-explanatory with the classic being what you would be used to at Fancy Bingo if you play on your desktop or laptop. The tablet view will be more familiar to those users who like to play their bingo on the go, on either their mobile or tablet.

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Dragonfish Brands Get A New Look

Saturday, Jun. 6th 2015 7:20 AM

Bingo Ballroom is one of the most established Dragonfish networked brands available online and as such, the home page had started to look quite dated. Where other brands appeared to have far more aesthetically pleasing designs, Bingo Ballroom looked like it hadn’t been shown any love for quite some time. Recently that changed, a change that came about when 888 took over the running of the brand (along with Daisy Bingo, Bingo Hearts and their new site TRex Bingo).

The dancing duo who used to adorn the home page have been replaced with a selection of bingo balls in their best bib and tucker. There’s certainly more pizzazz about the landing page at Bingo Ballroom now and it’s definitely more appealing to the end user, the bingo player.

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ABC Bingo New Look And Improved Bonus

Tuesday, May. 12th 2015 7:51 AM

Dragonfish brands have recently undergone some major changes with alterations to their free bingo structure and loyalty program but some brands have taken things a step further. ABC Bingo is one such brand and for players at this site, there’s a new look to welcome them when they visit to play. However, the amendments haven’t stopped at the home page and the aesthetics of the site, there’s also been a shake up in the bonuses offered to new players.

ABC Bingo was always pretty standard when it came to a welcome bonus for newbies, the usual 100% (with a double up recently to 200%). That was until the change and now newbies can claim a 300% cash match!

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New Look For LMAO Bingo

Tuesday, Apr. 14th 2015 7:28 AM

To date there are over 50 different online bingo brand available on the Internet that are powered by the Cozy Games software as part of the Live Bingo Network (LBN). We’re always quite open with our dislike of these brands and the reason behind that opinion. That said, we have to accept that whilst they may not be at the top of our list of sites to visit and play at, they clearly are for some. For this reason we have to visit brands on the network and is was on one such visit that we noted that LMAO Bingo has got a new look!

Recent changes to many of the sites on LBN has meant that many of their graphics had to be changed to incorporate the new bonus structure, could this be why LMAO Bingo has opted to re-brand – an ‘in for a penny’ type attitude?

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New Look Wink Bingo

Thursday, Dec. 4th 2014 7:54 AM

For a couple of weeks now social media sites Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing with teasers of the impending launch of a new look Wink Bingo. We have been checking back regularly (despite not being overly impressed with the logo that the brand posted on their Facebook page recently) and yesterday the makeover was complete. We’d got ourselves all excited about nothing really, the lick of virtual paint has done little to enhance the brand if we are honest.

Wink Bingo was always very pink previously and the homepage colourful, if not very interesting. Now it is just dull and lifeless despite the festive decorations that have been added to the background.

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Bingo Anywhere Gets A Makeover

Tuesday, Nov. 25th 2014 7:07 AM

Bingo Anywhere is one of many sites powered by the Cozy Games software available on the Internet currently and over the last few months, many of these have had a lick of virtual paint. This brand appears to be the latest. Usually you find that a bingo makeover consists of a change in the landing page aesthetics but more often than not, the logo remains unchanged. This is not the case with this brand.

Previously the logo consisted of the word Bingo spelt in balls and anywhere in a calligraphy type font. The new look logo for Bingo Anywhere certainly seems more apt with a mobile screen incorporated. The home page has undergone quite a transformation too and definitely seems more themed than the previous look the site boasted.

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Tuesday, Jun. 18th 2013 7:28 AM is one of the most established online brands to date despite having undergone many changes over the years. Of course the success of the brand could be attributed to the domain and name, a statement we would certainly have agreed with previously as we have always found their site too complicated. This is no longer the case, visit today and everything is clearer.

One of the new features that we think works really well at is the ability to see which of the rooms are networked and which are open to just players who have registered with this brand.

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888 Bingo Makeover

Thursday, Mar. 28th 2013 7:50 AM

888 Bingo is a Dragonfish networked brand from 888 (in case it wasn’t obvious) and should not be confused with 888Ladies or 88Bingo. The home page for the brand, like many other Dragonfish sites, has always been a little bland but more than most from 888 because of the black and red colour scheme. Previously we saw the site dotted with bingo balls and hearts but now there is a cartoon lady welcoming you to the site.

It was only a few days ago that we asked if a lick of virtual paint was enough to get players to register with a site, for 888 Bingo, we think not. The new colour scheme for the home page of 888Bingo is quite hard on the eyes; it has quite a glare to it, so much so we wanted to don our sunglasses! To be honest there seems to be even less information available on the home page now than there was before.

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