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Dublin People Bingo Joins LBN

Thursday, Oct. 12th 2017 6:30 AM

A new site has launched on the Cozy Games software called Dublin People Bingo. The site is part of the Live Bingo Network and opened to players in mid-September. Like all sites on this software, this new brand is rolling out the welcome carpet with a £10 free play bonus at the point of registration. And, like the other sites on LBN, your credit / debit card details are required to avail yourself of the offer.

The cash match bonus on your first deposit is not to be sniffed at either with Dublin People Bingo, it’s an impressive 500%. With recent changes to the T&C’s across the Cozy Games platform, you can claim this offer with just a £5 deposit.

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New Cozy Games Sites Launched

Thursday, Nov. 17th 2016 7:58 AM

When it comes to new bingo sites, some networks and software providers are more prolific than others when it comes to opening new brands. This is certainly true of the Cozy Games software and the end of October saw the launch of no less than five new sites on this software.

Three of the new Cozy Games sites opted for the Live Bingo Network (LBN), one arrived on the Best Bingo Network (BBN) and the last chose to be part of the smaller Lucky Duck Network (LDN). The brands that opened at the end of last month were Newbies Bingo, Lucky Puppy Bingo and Viva La Bingo on LBN, Igloo Bingo on BBN and Becky’s Bingo on LDN.

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What’s That Bingo Noise?

Saturday, May. 7th 2016 7:29 AM

Bingo Noise

What’s That
Bingo Noise?

Two new bingo sites recently joined the ranks of the many now available on the Internet but a visit to the sites to check out what was on offer revealed something a little different. Different is not always good and in my opinion, the things that set these two brands apart from many others were not improvements.

The brands in question are Pixie Bingo, a site launched on the Dragonfish network that we have opted not to promote for a variety of reasons, and Big Love Bingo on the Live Bingo Network, a brand we will soon provide more details about on our pages. Both have their very own bingo noise but it’s a matter of opinion as to whether it’s a benefit or detriment to the sites in question.

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Live Bingo Network To Integrate Microgaming Slots

Friday, Jul. 24th 2015 7:47 AM

The Live Bingo Network has gone from strength to strength over the last year, adding new brands, new features and improved welcome bonuses. While we have criticised high wagering requirements and depositing hoops to jump through in the past, things have been greatly improved in more recent times but the network still has a way to go to compete with the big guys!

The Live Bingo Network counts sites such as Aunty Acid Bingo, Raw Bingo and others and while the network is popular, we feel the software is what lets the brands down a little, but a deal with Microgaming could see new games on site, at least improving the slots side of things.

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Further Expansion On The Live Bingo Network

Friday, Apr. 24th 2015 7:35 AM

It seems the limits of the Live Bingo Network know no bounds and is becoming one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, certainly the fastest growing on Cozy Games and in the last month the network has added two more brands with Ahoy Bingo and Champers Bingo so we checked them both out for size.

The network has added so many new brands in the last few months it’s hard to keep up with all the new developments, and while the software isn’t our personal favourite it does seem to be winning the players over.

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New Look For LMAO Bingo

Tuesday, Apr. 14th 2015 7:28 AM

To date there are over 50 different online bingo brand available on the Internet that are powered by the Cozy Games software as part of the Live Bingo Network (LBN). We’re always quite open with our dislike of these brands and the reason behind that opinion. That said, we have to accept that whilst they may not be at the top of our list of sites to visit and play at, they clearly are for some. For this reason we have to visit brands on the network and is was on one such visit that we noted that LMAO Bingo has got a new look!

Recent changes to many of the sites on LBN has meant that many of their graphics had to be changed to incorporate the new bonus structure, could this be why LMAO Bingo has opted to re-brand – an ‘in for a penny’ type attitude?

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Two New Sites For Live Bingo Network

Wednesday, Mar. 11th 2015 7:13 AM

The Live Bingo Network has seen huge growth over the last year with many new brands launching, and while we have to admit we’re not the biggest fans, they just keep coming! This week we see a double launch from the network with two new brands in Honeybees Bingo and Quackpot Bingo, so we headed over to see what all the fuss is about.

The interesting thing we learned is that both new sites appear to have inflated sign up bonuses but when we checked with sites already launched on the network we found that in fact the Live Bingo Network has changed it’s entire bonus structure. So it’s not just Quackpot Bingo and Honeybees Bingo that have larger bonuses but the entire network.

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Girly Bingo; It’s Not Just For Girls

Wednesday, Feb. 4th 2015 7:45 AM

Something we try and reiterate on this site often is that it’s not just women who play bingo. We’ve raged against the candy floss bingo for years but try as we might we cannot stop the barrage of pink that has overtaken the industry! So when we heard about the newest site to hit the Live Bingo Network we could do nothing but groan as we were forced to go and check out Girly Bingo and what it has on offer.

We fail to understand why a site such as Girly Bingo would cut out half of its potential demographic the moment it launches, but that’s what it seems to do! Unless you’re a man who loves pink stuff and lipstick, it’s unlikely to appeal.

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