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Buzz Bingo, Bringing The ‘Buzz’ Back?

Friday, Jun. 29th 2018 7:01 AM

Buzz Bingo

Gala Clubs Rebrand
As Buzz Bingo

For many years now retail bingo has been trying to shake the image of the blue rinse brigade. If you visit your local club you’ll find a more younger demographic in attendance than you might expect and Gala Leisure are hopeful that this becomes the norm as Gala rebrands to Buzz Bingo!  

The new branding for the high street venues is part of a £40 million investment that Gala Leisure are putting into their bingo halls over the next couple of years. Gala Leisure was purchased by Caledonia Venus Acquisitions in December 2015.

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Is Mansfield The Lucky Place To Play Bingo?

Tuesday, Apr. 10th 2018 4:41 AM

Costa Bingo

Mansfield Welcomes
Lady Luck

We all love online bingo and the chance to log on to our favourite sites and share a laugh with our buddies. Therefore, every now and then, we like to put down the virtual dauber and head out for a game or two at our local bingo hall. If you live near Nottinghamshire then you’re in luck, because the Apollo Bingo Club there is fast becoming one of the luckiest places in the country.

We can’t explain why, but it appears lady luck has set up home at the Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield. Their players have been winning big over the past few months, with a whopping £50,000 won in one month alone, when the venue scooped a quartet of big wins. The club is currently owned by Majestic Bingo which was set up in 2014, but the venue has been serving the local community for almost twenty years.

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Bingo Players Object To 50 Shades Lessons

Friday, Sep. 27th 2013 7:44 AM

A Cambridgeshire village hall has been left red-faced today as ‘relationship lessons’ held at the hall have turned out to be lessons in horseplay, whip included! The Peer Rope Cambridge booked the hall for the lessons, but as they began it became clear that rather than traditional relationship advice, this stuff was a bit raunchy, and it’s thought that bingo players who use the hall, might not like the idea very much.

The group promotes bondage and spanking, a la fifty shades of grey, to improve and spice up the relationship, but the trustees at the Trumpington Village Hall misunderstood this and have now had to cancel the sessions, after complaints about the ‘flogging workshop’ by older members.

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Lucky Couple Use Bingo Win To Pay For Wedding

Monday, Jun. 24th 2013 7:05 AM

Getting hitched is expensive these days, with everything from the dress to the venue to pay for, it’s little wonder so many of us are living in sin. However, for one lucky couple who won £12,000 at the bingo, it’s a dream come true, and the cash will be used to pay for their dream wedding.

Luke Ferendon and Sue Garland met years ago and they’ve been engaged since 2004, they’ve had a daughter and live together as if married, but now thanks to this bingo win, they have set a date for their wedding!

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More Bad News For Bingo Halls

Monday, Mar. 18th 2013 7:34 AM

Bingo halls have certainly been through some difficulties in the decade. First the opening of many online bingo sites saw many players take their game online instead of heading out to the bingo hall and then the smoking ban saw off many players who were left. With an older demographic, those bingo players are not being replaced with younger players and bingo halls have seen a huge downturn in the last ten years.

Increasingly, the UK’s bingo halls have relied on slot machines and instant win gaming machines to make up the shortfall in customers, but a massive 20% tax now levied on these machines is more bad news for bingo halls!

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Review: BBC Four’s “Eyes Down! The Story Of Bingo”

Thursday, Jan. 31st 2013 5:01 PM

I was quite excited to catch “Eyes Down! The Story Of Bingo” (part of the Timeshift documentary strand) for a number of reasons. Firstly because I spoke to the researchers for the programme last year; and secondly because there’s not to my knowledge been such an in-depth documentary done about the game’s history here. The last time we saw anything on the game was back in 2007 when The Money Programme did its show on bingo and the smoking ban.

So what did I think? Well, it was a superb hour of TV for me, on a number of different levels. There was so much great archive footage and photographs in there, it was really great to get that look into the game’s past. There were clips illustrating all sorts of aspects of the game’s past. We got clips of naval sailors and soldiers playing the game, seaside bingo games, posh English TV presenters talking down their noses to working class bingo players, interiors of halls and bingo players in full swing and various other news reports about the game from the last 50 years and more.

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Attracting Younger People To Bingo Clubs

Wednesday, Sep. 5th 2012 3:29 PM

For bingo halls, like any other business, the initial key is to get people through the doors. Once through the doors, you’ve got to make sure that players stay, and more importantly come back. But for many halls that initial ‘through the door’ scenario can be exceptionally difficult one.

One main problem is the ‘blue rinse’ image that bingo has. With the ageing population not getting any younger, bingo clubs need to shake the image before many of their players are ‘playing bingo in the sky’, leaving the clubs empty.

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Bingo Hall Danger?

Friday, Aug. 17th 2012 2:18 PM

We recently reported in an article about supposed bingo hall fears that an online bingo ‘news site’ had been trying to spread the word that bingo halls were potentially dangerous places to visit. This was all done in an effort to promote online bingo.

For the sake of balance, as a follow up this writer has decide to delve a bit deeper into the matter in an attempt to establish some truth regarding the matter. After searching for instances of client suffered violence, two instances have come to light.

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