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Blox Bingo From Jackpot Joy

Sunday, Jul. 1st 2018 7:31 AM

Over the years we have seen a number of themed bingo games launched and we recall one called Bejeweled Bingo that was available at Jackpot Joy back in August 2010. The game wasn’t around for long but now we’ve found that there’s a similar bingo game available at the site but with a different name! It’s called Blox Bingo and when we first heard of it, we thought it was a new way to play the actual bingo game, it’s not.

Blox Bingo is like a standard game of 90 ball bingo except that when the numbers are called, they don’t appear on screen in bingo balls. Instead they are in ‘blox’. From a normal game, this is the only difference at Jackpot Joy BUT, if you have six tickets in play, you’ll then get to play Blox Blitz after the main game!

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Paddy McGuiness Outs Barbara Windsor At Jackpot Joy

Friday, Sep. 15th 2017 7:47 AM

Over the years we have seen a number of celebrities take centre stage in an online bingo commercial, and with some sites, more than one celeb has been seen on the screen for the same brand. However, when others have used multiple celebrities in one advert, they’ve usually been Z-listers. Not Jackpot Joy though, there new commercial has two well-known faces in!

When we first heard the news that Paddy McGuinness was recording a new commercial for Jackpot Joy, we thought the emphasis was going to be on the Take Me Out themed bingo game. This is not the case, far from it. It looks as though this much-loved northerner is going to be the face of the brand, at least for a while.

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Bad Press For Jackpot Joy

Friday, Sep. 18th 2015 7:24 AM

Over the years, a number of online bingo sites have been the victims of bad press and more often than not, through circumstances beyond their control. Jackpot Joy is one such brand and recently they’ve once again made the tabloids but not with a great advertising campaign, but as a brand named in a deception case in Sheffield.

Katryn (Katrina) Jones, a 53 year old con woman, fiddled a whopping half a million pounds from a variety of sources over the years and was recently jailed for six years after pleading guilty to no less than 19 charges of fraud! Of the money that she swindled from people, she has to pay back just £1 and this is where the name Jackpot Joy was banded about.

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Ad Wording Lands Jackpot Joy In Trouble With ASA

Friday, May. 2nd 2014 7:41 AM

At Christmas, Jackpot Joy Bingo ran a promotion where it was promised that you could “Win prizes in time for New Year’s! Celebrate New Year’s Eve with fun-filled games and the chance to win cash and prizes in our all-day NYE Chat Party. Chat Tues 31st December”, and that advert has now landed the brand in hot water with the Advertising Standards Agency by a customer who reported the ad for being misleading.

The complainant had participated in the chat party, but she says no prizes were given away causing her to report Jackpot Joy Bingo to the ASA and leading to a full adjudication.

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Jackpot Joy Bingo Get Behind Red Nose Day

Friday, Feb. 15th 2013 7:40 AM

As we know, Red Nose Day is coming up in the UK and every year it’s a charitable extravaganza of silliness and everyone in the UK supports it. This year, one of our favourite bingo sites, Jackpot Joy is getting in on the Red Nose action with some fun bingo games, special promotions and much more.

The Jackpot Joy challenge is to raise £200,000 for Comic Relief, and the fun started on 1st February. But don’t worry as you haven’t missed out, there’s plenty of fun to come as the specials continue until the end of March.

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Jackpot Joy FUNdation

Wednesday, Dec. 12th 2012 7:31 AM

We’ve all heard about the financial recession, but the team behind Jackpot Joy Bingo have decided there’s also a bit of a happiness recession, with evidence showing that we, as adults, are laughing much less than we did a few years ago. To change this dire situation, Jackpot Joy Bingo counteract the happiness recession with their newly launched £250,000 FUNdation project on Facebook and it’s all started earlier in the week with a 50ft high rubber duck!

The £250,000 is a bursary initiated by Jackpot Joy to help people in the UK have a little more fun, and a little more reason to laugh. This is likely to be played out in a series of silly stunts and giggle-worthy episodes like the giant rubber duck launched at West India Dock by Barbara Windsor on Tuesday.

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